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metajava Java support Mailing list. Git repository. CacaoVM for use as OpenEmbedded's Java VM: cacaoinitialnative: 0. 98: CacaoVM for use as OpenEmbedded's Java VM: classpath: 0. 99: GNU Classpath standard Java libraries: Recipe name Version Description; antcontribnative: 1. 0b3 (java): collection of tasks, types and other tools for Apache Ant: antnative: : Another Neat Tool build system for Java Layer name Description Type Repository; openembeddedcore: Core metadata: Base: web repo tree metaoe Collection of OpenEmbedded layers: OpenEmbedded: about summary refs log tree commit diff How to use the OpenEmbedded (core) build environment to generate bootloader, kernel image and root filesystems for Toradex Colibri and Apalis system on modules.

Welcome to the BitBake User Manual. This manual provides information on the BitBake tool. The information attempts to be as independent as possible regarding systems that use BitBake, such as the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded. OpenEmbeddedYocto Project layer for Java support This layer provides support for Java for use with OpenEmbedded andor Yocto Project build systems. Recipe name Version Description; oraclejsejdki586: : Oracle Java SE Development Kit binaries: oraclejsejdkx8664: : Oracle Java SE Development Kit Install snapd on OpenEmbeddedYocto As OpenEmbeddedYocto is a meta distribution build system which doesnt provide you by default with any binary packages, we dont do this either for snapd.

To allow inclusion of snapd in any Linux distribution built with OpenEmbeddedYocto, a so called metalayer metasnappy exists which metaopenembedded For items shared amongst multiple layers that do not fit into OECore or any other existing layer, there is the metaoe layer. This exists in a repository, also called metaopenembedded, which contains a number of other more focused layers (metaefl, metagnome, etc.

). For the latest version of this manual associated with this Yocto Project release, which lets you simulate running on hardware an image you have built using the OpenEmbedded build system.

which describes how to create local Git repositories for both poky and metaintel. Layer containing recipes for OpenJDK and other open source Java related components git repository hosting

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