P-3 work unit code manual

Title: MILPRF, Version: D, Date: 1996Jul01, Status: Active, Desc: PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATION MANUALS TECHNICAL WORK UNIT CODE PREPARATION OF (01JUL1996 MILPRF D MANUALS TECHNICAL WORK UNIT CODE Work Unit Code (WUC) Manual WUC manuals are provided for each model of aircraft. They are identified by a 8 in part III of the NAVAIR publication number.

For example, NAVAIR 01F14AAA8 is the WUC Manual for the F14 Aircraft. Aircraft Work Unit Code Manual Updates MERC developed engineering source data to facilitate updates to the C130 Work Unit Code Manual. Hundreds of thousands of parts were reviewed and systemcomponent codes were corrected and aligned to match the current configuration of all models of C used to identity codes for maintenance.

forms. 1 when discovered. 2 how malfunction 3action taken 4 type maintenance 5 work unit code 211 general equipment manual contains an overall description of the A10a aircraft including 1general arrangement 2system operation 3 station diagram 4locations of walkways, access doors and openings MILDTL Manuals, Technical: Work Unit CodePreparation Of This specification prescribes the requirements for the development and preparation of Work Unit Code \(WUC\) manuals for Air Force equipment.

This specification provides for electronic delivery of data through the use of the Document Type Definitions \(DTD\) listed in Appendix B. These procedures function within the framework shown in Figures 12a and 12b. P-3 work unit code manual, encompasses the individual analyses required to influence and assess the design as it relates to supportability, and to develop product support resource requirements.

Determine and assign the Work Unit Code (WUC) for each item in the basic list Work Unit Code Manuals (WUCs) Expanded Numbering System Manuals and Unified Numbering System Manuals are used as maintenance aids and recording guides in conjunction with Maintenance Data Systems.

They identify codes or numbers assigned to systemrelated equipment codes pertaining to servicing and maintenance functions. Work Unit Code definition, categories, type and other relevant information provided by All Acronyms.

WUC stands for Work Unit Code APPENDIX E. Maintenance Documentation Codes. ACTION TAKEN (AT) CODES. All codes listed below may be used for both on equipment or off equipment work unless otherwise noted. A. Items of Repairable Material, Weapon or Support System Discrepancy Checked No Repair Required. Advanced Work in Aircraft Electricity Electronics Training Courses Manual 1945 NAVPERS Aircraft Reports Aircraft Manuals Aircraft Helicopter Engines Propellers Blueprints Publications Find this Alphabetical and Numeric Code used to identify a particular component and its location.

Where can you cross reference the Reference Designators and the Work Unit Codes? In Appendix A of the appropriate WUC manual, 1F16C06. MILSTD780G, MILITARY STANDARD: WORK UNIT CODES FOR AERONAUTICAL EQUIPMENT; UNIFORM NUMBERING SYSTEM (18 AUG 1992) [NO SS DOCUMENT.The purpose of this standard is to identify Work Unit Code System Codes, define the methods used in assignment of Work Unit Codes and describe the use of Work Unit Codes in maintenance data collection systems.

Browse Technical Orders by Tech Order number and part number. Tech Orders not listed may have been cancelled or rescinded. Please email us directly at if your search is unsuccessful. We can perform a personalized search throughout our extensive archives. 3. 3 Work unit code manual. The content and arrangement of the work unit code manuals shall be, either a twochapter manual, threechapter manual, or a standard manual a work unit code (WUC) in a military environment.

A removal disassociates an item from the end item and WUC while an install does the opposite. GOLDesp for Asset Management TM DD SS MM GOLD gr standar. D OT SSS D SS S SS M S Desp M is the ptima stae t

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