Contax g2 vs leica m6 manual

Aug 25, 2018 contax always created great cameras! and the g1 is def one of them! the contax G1 and G2 are amazing but are they better then leica? Sadly didn't find the li So long Leica, hello Contax! Switching from full manual to aperture priority cameras and why. Click and find out! Jan 21, 2012  Here I compare the classic Leica M series to the Contax G series camera systems. I discuss what they have in common, then what differentiates them.

Contax G2 Vs G1, Leica M6 register. home. dslr; mirrorless; point& shoot; lenses; news; all; user reviews. digital cameras The Carl Zeiss Contax G Mount Planar 45mm F2 prime lens is, without bluster, amazing. I just wish Contax made a manual focus version of this lens and camera. A G3 If you will. Reply. James Tocchio August 13, Unboxing a Brand New, Never Opened, Leica M6 Classic Video Feature Aug 18, 2007  Re: Straw Poll Contax G2 as Inexpensive Film Alternative to Leica M6 In reply to justahack Aug 18, 2007 Brilliant cameras and the best bargain available in film photography today.

The Contax G and Leica M bodies are about the same size and weight. The LEICA M6 uses two S76 cells to power its meter. The M1M6 bodies have mechanical shutters which work without batteries. or 1 second (G1) in manual mode. The Contax G1 and G2 each have the usual bulb setting, which requires an expensive dedicated electronic release Contax G1& Leica M6 Auto VS Manual. Contax G1& Leica M6 Auto VS Manual.

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See more Jul 28, 2001 Posted:. This is a brief account of my transition from the Contax G2 to the Leica M6. About 8 years ago, I stumbled across pictures by CartierBresson. Nov 09, 2003 Contax G vs Leica M lenses. Discussion in 'Contax If you were referring to the" M" series of Leica cameras that accept the Leica M mount manual focus lenses, then you are comparing apples to oranges yet again.

for the Leica M, as well as the Noctilux 1. 0I believe there are simply more lenses available for the Leica than the Contax G I own a digital Leica Contax g2 vs leica m6 manual I just bought a Contax G2 and I have to admit I am struggling a little bit with the transition with the autofocus and strange manual focus and was considering of swapping it for a Leica M6 as I am so much more familiar with the Leica bodies.

Mar 14, 2003 Contax G2s, Leica M6, Pentax ZX5, Yashica T4 Thinking of selling the Leica. There's some charm in using a manual camera, but in reality it's just slow compared to my other cameras.

Pictures are nice, but so are those out of the Contax G. I keep the Contaxes for their light weight, beautiful build and superb optics at reasonable prices. If I Nov 02, 2003 Rangefinders Contax vs Leica vs Bessa.

Discussion in 'Contax Systems' started by spluff, Oct 14, 2003. spluff Guest. Unless you want the experience of a manual focus, manual exposure rangefinder, or the faster lenses from Leica and Cosina, the G2 is a better choice. a Leica M6 and R8 and 2 G2 bodies with a variety of lens except the Apr 20, 2016 Photo.

net Photography Forums. My final verdict on Leica M vs. Contax G. Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by trex1, Feb 1, 2009. I'm only recently entered the Leica club with an M6 classic, but after having used manual (FE2) and automatic (F100) Nikons for quite some time, I can really appreciate the simplicity and

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