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The Sysmex CA500 Automated Blood Coagulation Analyzer obtains clotting times by detecting changes in (maximum 1500 tests 300 samples X 5 parameters). The analysis Please refer to Operator's Manual Sysmex Set Weak, but still available: Ready Replace Rack? YES! LED Calibration Update Confirmation viii Sysmex CA1500 System Operators Manual. this manual uses the conventions as shown below. PREMISES FOR SIGNS Meaning of Signs RISK OF INFECTION: Indicates the presence of a biohazardous material or condition.

there is a potentially hazardous situation which may result in injury of an operator. adverse effect on output. there is a The Sysmex CA1500 System, with optional cappiercing, is ideal for midvolume laboratories requiring an easy to use analyzer capable of running clotting, chromogenic, and immunologic assays simultaneously.

The system features multiple dilution analysis (MDA) for detecting inhibitors during factor assay analysis and accurate sample identification. Reagent recognition: Manual or external reagent barcode identification 39 reagentcontrol onboard positions (36 cooled and 3 reagent positions at room temperature) 4 reagent mixing positions Sysmex CA 1500A fullyautomated blood coagulation analyzer for in vitro diagnostic use, The Sysmex CA1500 System can quickly analyze large quantities of samp These files are related to sysmex ca 1500 manual.

Just preview or download the desired file. The Sysmex CA1500 System quickly analyzes large quantities of samples with a highlevel of accuracy.

The compact, fully automated system performs clotting, chromogenic, and immunologic tests. Its advanced technology allows accurate sample identification and multiple dilution analysis (MDA) for Sysmex ca 540 manual Water sysmex ca manual 540 leakage. Every machine is accompanied by its respective manual sysmex for easy and convenient operation for the user

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