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Pilot Handling Guide Puchacz SZD503 VH GRI WQX These notes are a conversion guide only and not a substitute for the Manufacturers Flight Manual. SZD503 PUCHACZ Worlds best value in a twoplace aerobatic sailplane The SZD503 PUCHACZ is a twoplace training and aerobatics sailplane designed primarily for clubs and soaring schools.

Jul 26, 1998 A recent double fatality involving two very experienced pilots in an SZD 503 Puchacz is still another in a series of reported accidents Manual, which advises that there is no requirement for early spin training Hi Is there a chance that i can contact You regarding szd 50 puchacz? ? SZD 503 Puchacz Glider: HCD, 18 January 2004 Published 10 December 2014 From: SZD 503 Puchacz Glider, HCD Download report: HCD. pdf (236. 43 kb) Published 10 December 2014 Jun 12, 2008 Very low pass of glider.

I was sitting on the grass with camera! SZD503 PUCHACZ INDEX OF SERVICE PUBLICATIONS Updated: June 30 (new FAA AD ) Page 3 from 5 Technical Support 48 33 812 50 26 www. szd. com. pl TWOSEATER SZD503" PUCHACZ" GLIDER F L I G H T MAN U A L Issue 3 Deceber 1985 This instruction is the part of the Airworthiness Cartificte of the glider of: Serial No.

. Reg. No. ThiS is the translation of the original Polish Manual approved by Central Ad1n16tretion of Civil Aviation jpages 13 On September10, 2005, a Pezetel SZD503 Puchacz glider was flying in the vicinity of Ronan Field(4402'30" N, '42" W) near Loretto, Ont.on a pleasure flight with two pilots on board.

After approximately 45 min of flight, the glider was about 1 000ft above ground level(AGL) and appeared to be approaching the circuit. The twoseater SZDSO3" PUCHACZ" is designed for initial schooling and training.

Completing the schooling this type is the step towards solo FLIGHT MANUAL SZD503 rss. nst rumen t Sect ion 2 Includes operating 1 tat i ons, markings, and basic placards necessary for safe operation Created Date: Z British Gliding Association Technical Committee Technical News Sheet 0603 Part 1 Airworthiness issues (all categories) 1.

6 PZL SZD 501& 503 Puchacz BE049SZD Mandatory Revision to Maintenance manual Summary enclosed Engines SZD Bielsko was a company engaged in glider design and manufacturing, and in December of 1976 their brand new glider flew for the very first time; the SZD 50 Dromader.

The SZD 50 Dromader was later renamed SZD 50 Puchacz. The PZL Bielsko SZD50 Puchacz (Polish: " eagle owl" ) is a Polish twoplace training and aerobatic sailplane. Development. The Puchacz was designed by DiplIng Adam Meus based on the prototype SZD501 Dromader. It was intended to serve as the successor to the popular Bocian for training.

Its first flight was April 13, 1979. Title: Untitled Author: jjthompson Created Date: 7: 29: 23 AM

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