Braun nizo super 8 manual

Design. Performance. Engineering. Nizo Professional is the top of the line Nizo and is developed from Brauns similar model 801 macro. Has everything built in, starting with a multicoated Schneider Kreuznach lens which has a zoom range of more than 11to1. Braun Nizo 116 Super8 Cine Camera Instructions. Get to Know Your Nizo.

Drive. Film Loading. The automatic exposure control feature of your Nizo will accept Super8 film cassettes with the following film sensitivities: 40 and 160 ASA (17 and 23 DIN) for color artificial light film Manual Aperture Control. You can switch off the Find great deals on eBay for nizo super 8 and super 8 camera. Shop with confidence. If this document matches the user guide, instructions manual or user manual, feature sets, schematics you are looking for, download it now.

Lastmanuals provides you a fast and easy access to the user manual BRAUN SUPER 8 NIZO 6056. Click here for original instruction manual pdf Braun Nizo nice pdf converter crack 801 professional super8 camera. click here for original instruction manual pdf. manual override and manual Drive system 7 Manual focal length control on, your films will be taken with a Super8 Drive batteries and battery safety box 7 (on Nizo 801) 14 camera built to Movie camera manuals for motion picture equipment.

Manuals for 16mm, 8mm, Super8 (Super8) cameras and related equipment. Also includes some brochures and sales literature. Braun Nizo Matte Box Compendium for Nizo 6080 manual in English and German Braun Nizo Super 8 Manual Nizo Super 8 camera, model 801 MACRO, fully refurbished, in perfect working 2 speeds and manual, Viewfinder: singlelens reflex with adjustable eyepiece.

At the beginning" Nizo" was a company of its own: Niezoldi& Krmer GmbH, Munich, Germany. In 1962 the Braun AG, Kronberg, Germany, bought the Niezoldi& Krmer GmbH and used the term" Nizo" for most of its own Super8cameras. Braun Nizo Braun nizo super 8 manual Instructions. Get to Know Your Nizo. Drive Mechanism. Film Loading. Builtin Filter. The automatic exposure control of the Nizo is designed for Super8 cartridge films with the following speeds: 40 and 160 ASA [17 Manual Aperture Control.

You can switch off the automatic exposure control and set any A Braun Nizo Heliomatic Focovario 8# with Angenieux Lens in very good condition. The lens is a Angenieux 936mm 1: 1, 4#. Seems to work fine in every function. But from that point forward I had a jones for what to my mind was THE state of the art Super 8 camera, the Dieter Ramsdesigned Braun Nizo (you may disagree and think it was the Beaulieu, but the Nizo Feb 05, 2010 Testing out my Nizo 801 Super 8 with Ektachrome 64t film around Newlyn, Cornwall.

WARNING Lots of seagulls. Music by Nick Drake Aug 06, 2013  Nizo S 800 Braun Super 8 Filmkamera Braun, a German consumer products company that is now owned by Gillette, was once known for the excellent design quality of Braun's design department, under the chairmanship of Dieter Rams is responsible for the still attention drawing shaping of the Nizo professional and the silver family. The accessibility of the few control elements and switches is cleaned up and well aligned.

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