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With transports in place, add VELOPEX DEVELOPER and VELOPEX FIXER to the correct tank. Fill to the appropriate level. DO NOT spill, splash or otherwise cross contaminate the solutions. Cleaning Instructions. pdf. Instrucciones para la limpieza de los mdulos con LIMPIADOR PROCESADOR Velopex. Note: Velopex developer and fixer has a factory 1year guarantee from date of shipment from Velopex. There is no easytoread date code on the package; for information about any specific batch, call Velopex direct at.

Velopex chemicals benefit from excellent longevity& deliver consistently high quality images. Velopex ReadyToUse solutions are premixed for ease of use and are ready to We provide Xray Processors, Dental equipment, dental instruments and related dental products. Order online, by phone. Maintenance manual. Intra X. USER GUIDE. WARNING: Do not plug into the electrical mains power supply before.

User Guide Unpacking the VELOPEX: NOTE: For unpacking and lifting the machine into position it is important to have water in the Developer, Contact Ultimate Dental Toll Free: Local: Toll Free Fax: 2099 Hillshire Circle Memphis, TN Customer Service Email 715VLPIELC7209F: Velopex International Inc# IELC7209F P C B CONTROL BOARD MK5 IXXT: Price: 286.

19 The best tool in existence, when it comes to working clean Florin Cofar Download Manual Printfriendly version. Summary. Processes all sizes of film from intraoral size, to panoramic and cephalometric (full skull size). Includes unit selffilling from developer and fixer reservoirs. The Velopex Xtender offers the ultimate in xray film processing efficiency, reliability and convenience for the busy Velopex Chemicals can be used for both manual and automatic processing and are recommended for use in all Velopex Automatic Processors, while also being suitable for use in most other machines.

Velopex chemicals benefit from excellent longevity, deliver consistently high quality images. Martial arts equipment Skateboarding& skating, using the Control Panel.

To Refill select FILL In the menu. MAINTENANCE FRESH WATER VELOPEX MD3000 USER MANUAL 22 VELOPEX MD3000 USER MANUAL Transport Module Belt Cleaning 1. Temperature too Low Replace with fresh (if relevant). Developer Incorrectly Mixed Adjust the FILL setting on User Manual English Velopex International.

Start with the Dryer Module, then the Water Module followed by the Fixer and Developer Modules. Those should be removed by sliding the Tanks out.

It is useful to refer to these illustrations as you progress through the manual. VELOPEX INTRAX Technical Manual 3 Internal Features DIAGRAMS Do not plug in to electrical mains power before reading this manual Developer chemical Red Fixer chemical Blue Water White VELOPEX INTERNATIONAL INC. 203 MAN STREET CATAWISSA PA TEL: 1570' FAX: (57q Machine serial number to be

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