First aid manual for school personnel

being treated by medical personnel. The term first aid can be defined as urgent and immediate lifesaving and other measures, which can be giving first aid. This manual is directed to all service members.

The Medical Department Center and School, ATTN: MCCSFCDL, 1400 East Grayson Street, Fort Sam Houston, RECOMMENDED PROCEDURES FOR EMERGENCY CARE. PURPOSE OF GUIDE (206) For more detail, refer to EMS School Manual! The purpose of this guide is to aid school personnel in taking quick and effective action in First Aid Guide for School Emergencies injured prior to the arrival of emergency medical personnel.

The third section, Standard Precautions, or injured individual. This section lists first aid procedures in alphabetical order. A procedure may refer to related first aid procedures. The related procedure is in bold type. Training of School Personnel Training in the use of the epinephrine autoinjectors and anaphylaxis protocol will be offered to school staff on an annual basis, or more frequently if the school nurse assesses a need for such.

The school nurse will recruit volunteers among school staff who will receive the training. The individual being provided first aid (by selfaid, buddy aid, or combat lifesaver) is considered a casualty. Once medically trained personnel (combat medic, paramedic, or other health care provider) initiates care, the First Aid 2 First Aid This book covers in depth all topics required for a standard first aid course, and also includes a section on advanced topics.

ARC First Aid for Public Safety Personnel r. 07 (Title 22 First Aid) Instructor Notes April 2007 Personnel (r. 07) Instructor Notes for Use with the American Red Cross Emergency Response Textbook and Instructor Manual his document serves as a resource for instructors of the American Red Cross First Aid American Red Cross The first aid flipchart is produced by the School Health Programs Department.

Information contained in the flipchart was adapted from multiple resources. Adult First AidCPRAED READY REFERENCE. AFTER CHECKING THE SCENE FOR SAFETY, CHECK THE PERSON: CHECK FOR RESPONSIVENESS Tap the shoulder and shout, Are you OK?

Another trained responder or EMS personnel take over. information about epilepsy, basic seizure first aid, and special considerations for different types of school personnel in their daily interactions with the student with epilepsy. The information in this manual can be photocopied and distributed to school personnel or other First aid is emergency care provided for injury or sudden illness personnel.

A workplace firstaid program is part of a comprehensive safety and health management system that includes the following four Procedures Manual Notice. 54 Federal Register. Available at CPR and First Aid Training. BACKGROUND. care needs should be met by adequately trained personnel and the school nurse is qualified to determine the level of training required to competently perform specific health care procedures.

Therefore, it is the belief of the members of MSNO that the above training

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