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Setting Up Automatic Archiving. You can instruct Outlook to perform automatic archiving for you. You can set automatic archiving for individual folders or the Inbox in general. To set up automatic archiving, follow these steps: Select the folder or subfolder you want to archive, such as your Inbox or an old project folder. Click the Folder tab. Archive items manually. In Outlook 2013: Click File Info Cleanup Tools Archive. To manually archive Outlook items, do the following: Click the File tab.

Click Cleanup Tools. Click Archive. Click the Archive this folder and all subfolders option, and then click the folder that you want to archive. Any subfolder of the folder you In the main Outlook 2013 window, click on the File tab and click on the Options button. The Outlook Options dialog box will appear. Click on the Advanced button in the Naviagation pane on the left. The options for working with Outlook will be displayed. In the AutoArchive section, click on the AutoArchive Settings button.

The AutoArchive dialog box will appear. How can the answer be improved? Archive emails in Outlook 2013 You probably already know that all your emails in Outlook are stored in a special file called Outlook Data file with the extension.

PST. When you archive your emails, they are not copied but MOVED to a separate, compressed. pst file (normally called archive. pst). Jun 03, 2017 Once the Outlook archive file (. pst) has been set up, can items be moved into that file manually via click and drag rather than setting up an archive process via the" Mailbox Cleanup" tab? This thread is locked.

Apr 17, 2018 When a folder in Microsoft Office Outlook is archived manually or by using the AutoArchive feature, messages that have a received date or a sent date that is older than the archive date of the folder are unexpectedly not archived. NOTE: AutoArchive in Outlook 2013 works the same way as in Outlook 2010. Click the Browse button if you want to change the location where the archive file will be saved and the name of the archive file.

The tutorial explains how to archive emails in Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 and other versions. You will learn how to configure each folder with its own auto archive settings or apply the same settings to all folders, how to archive in Outlook manually, and how to create archive Sep 07, 2017 I am trying to run the archive on his outlook 2013 client and it creates the archive file, and attaches the archive folder to his outlook client, however it never moves any email.

I have the settings set to anything prior to 1115. Archive older items manually AutoArchive makes sense if your mailbox always seems to be full and you just don't have the time to deal with archiving. But, there's another way.

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