Chattanooga intelect legend stim service manual

MAINTENANCE Intelect Transport Combo FACTORY SERVICE When the Intelect Transport Combo requires factory service, contact the selling dealer or Chattanooga Group Service Department. All units returned to the factory for service must include the following: WARRANTY REPAIROUT OF WARRANTY REPAIR 1.

Ultrasound Therapy Shop offers online Chattanooga Intelect Legend XT Service Manual and Chattanooga Intelect Legend Combo. Call us at today. Intelect Legend XT Combo Electrotherapy and Ultrasound Machine 2 or 4 Channel Chattanooga.

Intelect Portable Dual Channel Interferential Stimulation Unit. 240. 00 199. 99. On Sale Vectra Genisys Service Manual Intelect Legend XT Service Manual" Download the manufacturer's brochure here: : " Customer Reviews. Earn 5 in Spectrum Bucks for every 3 approved reviews!

Reviews. There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review Chattanooga Intelect Legend XT 4 Channel Stim User Manual Operation& Installation Instructions for: Therapy Systems Intelect Legend XT Therapy System using any electrical stimulation or ultrasound device.

Observe the precautionary and operational decals placed on the unit. Intelect is a name that the clinical rehabilitation community has relied on for over two decades. Well known for its exceptional clinical performance, continual quality, low cost and ease of use, Intelect delivers a comprehensive range of therapies in a single, awardwinning, stateoftheart unit.

2 channels of stimulation output; Independent intensity and parameter controls for each channel; Multiple waveforms on board: (2 Pole IFC, 4 Pole IFC, Galvanic, High Voltage Pulsed Current (HVPC), Microcurrent, Russian, Trbert, Monophasic Triangular, Monophasic Rectangular, Diadynamic, VMS DESCRIPTION. The Intelect Legend Combo offers a new dimension in electrotherapy, combination and ultrasound treatments. This technology is made possible by Intelect Legend Series Stim This manual has been written for the owners and operators of the Intelect Legend Series Stim, models 2S and 4S.

connected to any unit other than Chattanooga devices. connected and consult the factory field service technician for help. CHATTANOOGA GROUP INC. Start Here About This Manual This manual is intended to cover the Intelect Legend Ultrasound and Stim units and their accessories only.

The purpose of this service manual is to give a qualified technician ForteCPS User Chattanooga intelect legend stim service manual US ForteCPS User manual combo Intelect Legend 24 channel stim user manual Intelect Legend 2C and 4C user manual Intelect Legend series service manual Intelect legend soundhead calibration procedure Vectra Pro service manual 2C4C Vectra Pro 2 and 4 user manual Vectra User Manual STIM and COMBO technicians, certified by Chattanooga Group, to perform field service on the Vectra Genisys, Intelect XT, and Intelect Vet Therapy Systems, modules, and accessories.

At the time of publication, the information contained herein was current and uptodate. Chattanooga Medical Group, Providing the best medical and rehabilitation supplies at the lowest prices since 1995 2 INTELECT LEGEND STIM USER MANUAL Foreword This manual has been written for the owners and operators of the Intelect Legend Stim, models 2S and 4S.

It contains general instructions on operation, precautionary practices, maintenance and parts information. Innovation starts here TM 41 lntelect Legend Series Service Manual. CHATTANOOGA GROUP, INC. 8. Rezero the Ultrasound power meter.

9. Using the Intensity UP button, increase the output until the power meter reads 4 four) watts. 10. Push the START button. The unit will hold the settings in memory. Intelect Legend Stim TM Innovation starts here 33 Intelect Legend Series Service Manual. CHATTANOOGA GROUP INC.

Unit Startup and Fan Testing 1.

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