2m isopole antenna manual

Technical support on line: [email protected] com Warning The antenna should be mounted so as clear sorrounding objects as much as possible, a high location is desiderable. Be sure to muount the antenna so it will neither touch or be able to fall with power wiring.

SPECTRAL IsoPole The AEA Isopole 144 Jr. antenna'slowprofile and adaptability forportable installations make it well worth considering ifyou're looking fora new2meter antenna.

The AEA Isapole antenna. on other antennas. I observed that effect" smaller" 2meter antennas ISOPOLE NOTE: The IsoPole is a broad band antenna and easy to tune simply by following the dimen sionmg instructions above.

However, if an SWR bridge available and ft IS desired to tune the IsoPoIe exactly to a given frequency. it IS possible (but not necessary) to do so. Simply extend The Advanced Electronic Applications, Inc. AEA manuals that we have here are: AEA 144 MHz Isopole Antenna Assembly Instructions (late complete with schematics, interconnecting cable wiring information and board layouts. PK900 Manual 5. 4 MP PDF. Donated by Greg Beat W9GB Dated November 2004 PK232 MacRATT with Fax Manual 2m Vhf Antena Isopole Data.

Radio Amateur. 2meter rig thafs making SSBers out of VHFers. If we had to choose one word to describe Kenwood's TR9000, a multimode twometer transceiver, : hat word would be flexible.

The IsoPoles have the broadest frequency coverage of any comparable VHF base station antenna. This Feb 26, 2011 I recently came into possession of a isopole model 144 2 meter antenna. The only problem is that it does not have the cones mentioned in the manual. Spectral Isopole Vhf 144 Antenna product reviews by real people like you.

Only at eHam. net. eHam. net is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). Antenna Specialists M118 Kit to convert M81 base CB antenna to the with antistatic ball 3 to Sell AEA Isopole 220 220 Mhz Amateur Base antenna High cable isolation for maximum signal output Antenna Specialists Celwave 46 Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Offset Base antenna mounting kit 2 Meter Vertical Base Antenna 6 db gain SO View and Download AEA IsoPole 144 assembly instruction sheet online.

IsoPole 144 Antenna pdf manual download. AEA Isopole Manual (2 meters) This is the best omnidirectional 2 Meter antenna I have ever encountered. The highest cone is to form the Oct 21, 2012  The Isopole is a great 2m antenna. The" 10 MHz" bandwidth specification does not mean it can cover 10 MHz with a single antenna adjustment: It means you can ADJUST the antenna over that much range, by sliding the aluminum tubing in and out and reclamping it to the correct position for the frequency you want

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