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Request a Quote ELAU PacDriveC400 C400 A8 Controller is based on an Intel module processor. It uses the real time operating system VxWorks. VxWorks provides logic and motion functions for a production or packaging machine.

A PacDrive Controller synchronizes, coordinates and generates the positioning functions for up to 16 servo the operating manuals of the other components The ELAU components are designed for installation in a machine plant or for combination with other components to form a machine plant.

The components may only be used under the installation and operating conditions described in this documentation. You must use 20 rows  Servo drives. Conventional Drives; Conventional Motors. SH and SM Motors; Integrated DrivesMotors.

Manuals PacDrive. Choose a file and indicate a folder to save it. Manual. DE. EN. IT. FR. Integral Servo Motion control with highly dynamic servo drives.

With conventional PLCbased concepts, all drive components have to be integrated individually, which is very timeconsuming. Realtime pricing, availability& fast worldwide shipping on the Elau MC.

Buy online now or contact us for manuals or pdfs. Click here to check out ELAU type codes! We have type codes for PMC2, SB Motors, SH Motors, MAx4, MC4, C, & SM Motors. Features The AC synchronous servo motors excel with: High power density: the use of the latest magnetic materials and an optimized design result in motors with a shorter length at a compa The ELAU Components are stateoftheart and conform to recognized technical safe ty regulations.

However, using this product could result in risk of life and limb and of The Schneider Electric Elau MC4 drive, is a motor controller that is optimized for the PacDrive SH servo motors.

The PacDrive M MC4 is part of the last generation of servo drives. The PacDrive M MC4 is part of the last generation of servo drives. This ELAU MC4 Pac Drive is in great working condition.

I power up this ELAU MC4 Pac Drive and tested it working great. This ELAU MC4 Pac Drive is Nice, Neat, Clean, fully tested and in great working condition. eBay! ELAU makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents of this documentation. PacDrive SH Servo motor is intended for installation in a machine.

Commissioning is forbidden until it is established that the machine in which this product New Indramat products are produced under the name Indradrive and plenty of legacy Indramat products are still in service. Compact ac servo drive that integrates motion control, spindle control, amplifier, power supply, and IO in a single, compact unit RAC Drives. The Rexroth (Indramat) RAC family was designed for high power, high

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