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Feb 04, 2012 Eviolite Nidorino isn't half bad, it has hustlehone claws, which at 1 gives him the equivalent attack of around base 100 after an SDnot bad. With eviolite it has respectable bulk to set up and tank neutral hits, and can beat many of the offensive pokes in the tier with a priority sucker punch.

Mm, this is a late reply but eviolite quilladin is a lot worse than chesnaught. I ran some calcs Chesnaught takes special attacks almost identically to eviolite Quilladin (and then heals an additional 6 due to leftovers. ). An Eviolite is an item that increases the Defence and Special Defence of a Pokemon by 1. 5x. It only works on Pokemon that have another possible evolution, however. So, for example, Eviolite would have it's usual effect on a Dusclops, which can later evolve into Dusknor; however, it would have no effect on a Pokemon that is in it's final form, e May 17, 2011 I was wondering if someone would bring up Combusken.

I haven't tried it yet, but it seems like it has potential if it can grab a boost. It has decent defenses with Eviolite, and can survive most priority bar Azumarill, so it should be possible. Also, Eviolite is the most common item in the LC tier, so you could say that the majority of the stageone Pokmon (Pawniard, Rufflet, Omanyte, etc. ) are good users of Eviolite. Here is a list of all Pokmon with Eviolite recommended as part of their sets.

The Eviolite (Japanese: Evolution Stone) is a Smogon eviolite users manual of held item introduced in Generation V. It boosts the Defense and Special Defense of a Pokmon that holds it if the holder is not fully evolved. May 16, 2011 However, when you equip Eviolite, it is as if it has base 129 defenses, even without investment. Sub, Roost and SD allow it to set up on many common Pokemon, and those awesome defenses often let it get more than just one boost.

One would assume that just because Magneton has more Speed and Bulk with Eviolite, that it is the better Steel trapper of the 2. Everyone does that. May 20, 2011 A good user of an eviolite is a pokemon that should satisfy these conditions: Not be outclassed by its evolution (as long as its not OU or Uber looks at Blaziken) Has its own niche in the UU metagame Has good defensive stats Has good support movepool or strong offensive stats Jun 03, 2015 Eviolite Pokemon are really tanky and sometimes more powerful than their fully evolved self.

Eviolite Pokemon Playlist Jul 05, 2011 Venonat (F) @ Eviolite Trait: Compoundeyes EVs: 248 HP 160 Def 100 SDef Calm Nature (SDef, Atk) Toxic Spikes Sleep Powder Stun Spore Eviolite. Boosts Defense and Special Defense of holder by 50 if it is an NFE Pokemon. (Inadequate description? Let us know in this thread. ). Pokemon with a moveset recommending this item

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