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Hardware Features Ion Max API Source automated and manual data acquisition NanoSpray source supports both static The Finnigan Surveyor LCQ Advantage MAX LCMSMS system provides fully integrated analyses using the powerful Xcalibur operating system. Title: Finnigan LCQ AdvantageTraining Manual (Sep. 2006) 2 Contents: 1 Introduction 2 Ionization techniques 2. 1 Electrospray Ionization 2. 2 Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization 3 Scan modes 4 LCQ basic training 4.

1 HPLC and MS theory [8 hourssoftware training 4. 2 Good Laboratory Practice The Finnigan LCQ Advantage MAX is the workhorse ion trap mass spectrometer for high Hardware Features Ion Max API Source 96position sample plate AP MALDI for automated and manual data acquisition. IET Used Lab Equipment Refurbished Analytical Laboratory Instruments Ion Max and Ion MaxS API Source Hardware Manual Safety and Regulatory Guide The LCQ Fleet also ships with a printed copy of the Safety and Regulatory Guide.

ThermoFinnigan LCQ Interface Manual For Thermo Finnigan LCQ XP, Deca, Advantage, Duo, and characteristics of the hardware and software described in the manual may be changed at any time To install the DART on the LCQ XP, Duo, or Advantage, follow the same procedure as above HARDWARE Manual.

Thermo Finnigan LCQ Advantage Max Mass Spectrometer, SN LAM, Site does not Accessory Box, Manuals, Software, Power Cord, In Wooden Crate. Lcq Advantage Max Manual ReadDownload ION MAX HESI II Source, Mechanical Pump, Chiller, Cables& Manuals Run your routine samples quickly, easily and reliably using the Thermo Scientific LCQ Fleet ion trap mass spectrometer. With excellent fullscan sensitivity and rugged operation, this costeffective system delivers rich information for complex samples in highthroughput applications such as View and Download Thermo Scientific LCQ Fleet getting started manual online.

Thermo Scientific LCQ Fleet Getting Started Manual. LTQ Series MS documentation Model Related Documents LCQ Fleet LCQ Fleet Getting Started Guide LCQ Fleet Hardware Guide LTQ XL LTQ XL Getting Started Guide LTQ XL Hardware Guide LTQ XLETD MSETD System Getting The Thenno Finnigan LCQ" " Advantage is an advanced analytical instrument that includes a syringe pump. an optional divertinject valve. an atmospheric Regulatory Compliance Thermo Fisher Scientific performs complete testing and evaluation of its products to ensure full compliance with applicable domestic and international regulations.

the MS Detector Maintenance chapter of the LCQ Advantage Hardware Manual. Ensure that the probe retainer bolt is tight and the APCI probe is Lcq advantage hardware manuals to the APCI flange. 4. Slide the APCI probe assembly onto the probe slide adapter.

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