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The Foldex 20 camera was manufactured by the Photak Corporation from 1948 to 1960. It was constructed of all metal with artificial leather covering. Similar to the Foldex I with a slight change to the view finder housing being more streamlined. The camera took eight, 2 14 x 3 14 inch exposures on The Foldex 20 was the same or an equal camera type as sold by the closelyrelated company PhoTak. It includes an accessory shoe and flash synchronized shutter.

The successor of the Rollex 20, the USC 20 folder, is similar to the later Foldex 20 from PhoTak, which has a restyled viewfinder housing. Nov 10, 2011 The 20 is a rather typical snapshot camera. Fixed focus, fixed aperture, fixed shutter speed. The Foldex and Sears versions take both 120 and 620 without adjustment. A good reason to use one closed is to feed 120 film to 620 spool in daylite and then in changing bag to transfer from 620 spool to another 620 spool to deal with loose end and The Foldex 20 of PhoTak was the same or an equal.

manual of Foldex 20 at Michael Butkus Jr. Anybody used one of these sturdy beauties? I have a" 30" on the left with a Vario shutter and Steinheil f6. 3100 lens, and a" 20" on the right with an" Octvar" 105mm lens. Aug 01, 2011 As mentioned above and in the e. how article also mentioned above, you can use 120 size film andor 620 size film. The 120 is readily available from various sources, such as Freestyle, Adorama, B& H and more.

Foldex" 20" Posted 53'05. The next page contains information on this camera. I have no connection with any camera company. Online camera manual library If you find this manual useful, how about a donation of 3 to: M. Butkus, 29 Lake Ave.High Bridge, NJ The Foldex 20 of PhoTak was the same or an equal camera type, but with flash mount and flash synchronized shutter.

The successor of the Rollex 20, the USC 20 folder, is also similar to the later Foldex 20 of PhoTak. Lomography Cameras Foldex 20 Photos.

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The Foldex 20 manual recommends using" 150" if the subject is outdoors in bright light, or the camera has a flash connected. Indoors without a flash, or in a cloudy outdoor setting, set the Use the icon on the specific manual page or go to the PayPal Verified link below or at the very bottom of this page.

This will allow me to buy new manuals, and pay to host this AD FREE site. Later versions of the PhoTak Foldex 20 had a plain metal lens escutcheon with black lettering.

These cameras were fixed focus, fixed aperture, with a B to 150 of a second leaf shutter. The last of these cameras is the PhoTak Foldex 30 or Foldex 6.

3. The (United States Camera Company) Rollex 20 is the first of this type and has a small difference in the camera open release button plus does not have a hot shoe. The Sears Tower Foldex 20 and the PhoTak Foldex 20 are the same camera with different lens escutcheons with white lettering on black. Find great deals on eBay for folding camera lot. Shop with confidence.

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