Reef octopus bh 90 manual

Aug 01, 2015 I cannot figure out how to properly set this up and it didn't come with a manual. Log in or Sign up. Post Here Need help setting up new HOB Octopus BH100 skimmer! : ( Discussion in 'New to Saltwater& Reef ritter6788 Coral Fraud Private Eye Staff Member Team R2R R2R Supporter Reef Spotlight Award Photo of the Month Award R2R REEF OCTOPUS BH100 Protein skimmers are applied to most saltwater aquariums to remove certain organic compounds, including proteins and amino acids, by using the polarity of the protein itself, Oct 18, 2015 Reef Octopus BH90 skimmer review with lots of pictures Sign in to follow this.

Followers 7. Reef Octopus BH90 skimmer review with lots of pictures. By spazizz, Reef octopus bh 90 manual 24, 2013 in Product Reviews. Reef Octopus BH90 skimmer review with lots of pictures Reef Octopus Classic 1000 HangonBack Protein Skimmer; Rotate. Rotate. PlayPause.

Reef Octopus Classic 1000 HangonBack Protein Skimmer. 93 Recommend this to a friend (67 of 72) 72 Reviews. 204. 99. SKU:. In Stock: 7. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist I eventually had to replace this skimmer with the BH2000 when I began carbon Dec 19, 2013 The bh 90 I have has an aquatrance 1000 pump and I realized from the above comment someone mentioned they no longer come with that pump which answered one question. The next one, I realized that in my particular skimmer it comes with the" defoaming" device as the water output.

Get the Reef Octopus BH90 Hang On Back Protein Skimmer for your reef or saltwater aquarium at Ready Set Reef with low prices, fast shipping and dependable service. Oct 24, 2012  Reef octopus BH 90 help! Hello Just got my reef octopus BH 90 in the mail, and after quite some time just figuring out how to assemble it. I had Reef Octopus BH1000BH2000 Hangon Back skimmer If Reef Octopus products in hand does not appear to be working correctly or be defective, pls contact the local dealer.

Before calling your dealer pls ensure you have read the manual. Or you can contact us at www. reefoctopus. com About Us. We sell Reef Octopus skimmers and products retail and wholesale worldwide.

If your interested in a Reef Octopus product or have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime. Reef Octopus Classic 90 HangonBack Protein Skimmer; Click on image to zoom Reef Octopus Classic 90 HangonBack Protein Skimmer Reef Octopus Classic 90 HOB Protein Skimmer Manual. Item# : OCTBH90 I LOVE the bh90 or now the classic 90. I breed seahorses and they are messy! ! ! Founded in 2005, Honya Co. Ltd started with a vision to produce high quality products for the marine industry.

After more than a decade, we now have one of the widest range of protein skimmers under the brand Reef Octopus, which is globally recognised by hobbyists and professionals alike for its product quality and reliability. Reef Octopus HangOn Back Classic skimmers are a proverbial favourite. With its unique design, the pump is mounted externally and under the actual skimmer body (HOB1000, 2000 and Classic 90) allowing for much less room needed behind the aquarium and less heattowater exchange.

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