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Mar 11, 2017 The Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon 2. 0 headphone amp, shown with the Hifiman Edition X headphones. Steve GuttenbergCNET Sadly, the Liquid Carbon 2. 0 is a limitedproduction amp, and there's just a The Liquid Carbon is a lightweight, fully balanced amplifier designed for those looking for the Cavalli Audio signature sound in a transportable, nocompromise topology. The Liquid Carbon boasts a powerful fully discrete circuit with a low noisefloor, perfectly suitable for IEMs, and fullsize Mar 07, 2018  I love my Liquid Carbon v2, can't imagine being without it.

But the other essential piece of this puzzle, day to day, is the AGD DAC. IMO, it's hard to go wrong wAudio Apr 15, 2016  Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon Headphone Amp Reviewed Note, while the Cavalli website specs this amp at 1. 5w at 50Ohms, a post by Cavalli Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon 2. 0 US Audio Mart 625 4 Jul 25, 2018 Gumtree AU Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon Headphone Amplifier Gumtree AU A950 Aug 29, 2018 Cavalli Audio will not sell the Liquid Carbon headphone amp anymore, with the second and final run ending a month ago, but I hope the following is useful to those looking to pick one up on the used market.

Background: My Schiit Asgard 2 had served me very well from when I purchased i Deal Massdrop Cavalli Liquid Carbon X for 299 starting This makes me kind of sad since I just bought a used Liquid Carbon, although I might just resell it and wait for this. permalink; embed; save; For a true balanced setup you need the entire audio chain to be balanced May 12, 2017  I am putting up for sale the limited edition Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon (serial number ) headphone amplifier.

I am the second owner of this unit I purchased it overseas from a seller on headfi approximately 1 year ago. Cavalli Audio is a well respected name and this headphone amplifier has been used with my Alpha The Liquid Carbon is a limitededition, communityinspired, and carefullycrafted distillation of our Cavalli Audio house sound. In a nutshell, the Liquid Carbon is a fullydiscrete, fullybalanced, transportable solidstate headphone amplifier that is capable of driving all but the most demanding May 28, 2016  Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies USB DAC and Headphone Amp w Sennheiser, HiFiMAN& Beyerdynamic Cans Duration: The Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon, Part I Sometimes being a reviewer has its perks.

A few short weeks ago I was quietly working away on my laptop when I received a message from Headphone. Gurus Godfather himself, Frank Iacone. Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon for sale. Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon second addition, serial number 709. Including Virtual Dynamics Power 3 cable.

Very smooth and liquid sound. VD Power cord is heavy so you will need weight on top of amp.

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