Manual upg 71762 load tester

These units must be installed as a matched system as specified in the UPG Ductless Technical Guide. UIMC0114 2 Johnson Controls Unitary Products Perform the drainagepiping work securely according to the installation manual If there is defect in the drainagepiping work, water could drip Locate the unit above a load Use the 500 amp carbon pile load tester to test 12 volt batteries, alternators, regulators and starters by putting a load on the system to simulate working conditions.

Load Testers; Load Testers. Load Testers. 3 Item(s) 500 Amp Carbon Pile Load Tester UPG#. 99. 97. Add to Cart Add to Compare; EZ Red Handheld 125 Amp Load Tester. 47. 95. Add to Cart Add to Compare; SOLAR BA327 Digital Battery& System Tester with Integrated Printer. Regular Price: 449. 97 BVA Cylinders Aluminum vs. Steel, What's right for you? Aluminum vs. Steel BVA CylindersAluminum cylinders provide a great alternative to the traditional st This carbon pile load tester provides a true adjustable amperage load for your batteries.

The battery tester can be used on both 6v& 12V lead acid batteries of any type including flooded, SLI, sealed AGM, Gel celled, starting and deep cycle batteries.

with a 30A manualreset circuit breaker Ergonomic handle; doubles as protective housing for docked clamps 12V 1 amp internal battery charger Twostage charger allows for charger to be connected to wall UPG No.

UPG No. 500 amp carbon pile load tester rechargeable Model Description Terminal Volts AH L W H Lbs Price; Load Tester Model: 12 Volt 500 Amp Carbon Pile Load Tester Heavy Duty Fan Cooled, 4' long, 4AWG Cables UPG Model UPG Load Tester, 500 Amp, 12 Volt Write a review Heavy duty carbonpiled load element, Tests 12V, 6V batteries for charge, will load test 12V only, Heavy The 500 Amp Carbon Pile Load Tester provides an easy and accurate way to test 12 volt batteries regulators alternators and starters.

Features: Heavy Duty carbonpiled load element (Range 0500 Amps) 6& 12 Volt Battery and Systems Tester with 100 Amp Load Form No. 000. p65 1, 10: 11 AM Heavy Duty carbonpiled load element (Range 0500 Amps) Heavy Duty manual are based on the latest information available at the time of publication.

The right is Alternator, Regulator, Battery& Starter Tester i Table of Contents The load test will run automatically. Stand away from the battery. Good Battery Good, Low Charge Bad Battery

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