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NUUO provides all following links for reference only and bear no technical responsibility for out of warranty products. Tool and Offline Tool application, user manual, and quick start guide The electronic components within the unit can be damaged by Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).

NV2020 NUUO NVRmini 2 IP Channels H. 264 2HDDs (Discontinued NUUO Products). Linux based NVR standaloneFree from PC crash and virus attackEasy installation solutionOpen platform for 14 brands IP camerasSupport Megapixel and H. 264 compression formatWebbased network applianc NUUO NVR mini NV2040 4ch is the world's pioneer Linux embedded NVR standalone for IP surveillance cameras (Network security Cameras).

With Linux embedded system, the NUUO NV2040 NVR mini offers the most stable, open, easytoinstall, and virusattackfree platform for small to midsize factories, buildings, supermarkets, offices The NUUO NV4080 is an 8 channel network video recorder. This stand alone network video recorder supports 240 frames per second real time recording.

That is 30 frames per second per channel recording (real time motion video) at D1 resolution. Aug 19, 2009 NUUO Support, We are about to upgrade the firmware of a NUUO NV2040 for our installation partner. The current version of firmware on the NUUO NVR mini that we are about to upgrade is 1. 03. We want to upgrade to the latest version, which looks like it is version 2. 0 on the NUUO wiki. The firmware installation NV2020 NUUO NVRmini 2 IP Channels H.

264 2HDDs has an Linuxembedded system which offers a stable, open and free from virus attack recording environment. Product Description NUUO NVR mini NV2040 4ch is the world's pioneer Linux embedded NVR 2 NV2020 can possess up to 4ch capacity with license activation 3 Check the compatibility list for the compatible DAS model 4 60 W is the maximum power consumption; 39W NUUO Central Management System (CMS): Ultimate central monitoring solution for grand scale projects and projects with multiple sites.

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