G35 tiptronic vs manuals

The Edmunds longterm 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI comes with the optional DSG automatic. Automotive Editor James Riswick advocates sticking with the manual. May 29, 2008 I drive mine in 70 city. So I went with AT. I drive mine in tiptronic manual mode( I know it is not the same) most of the time but when I hit traffic just trow it in D.

Automatic vs. Manual (audtatious) Post by Tampa G35 Sedan 6MT Wed May 28, no regrets, especially since the brake work on the manuals is far more expensive (brembo). Infiniti G35 Coupe Twin Turbo Forum. Infiniti performance part buyers guide including body kits, turbos, and accessory parts. Jul 17, 2002 Manual vs Auto vs CVT vs SMG vs Steptronic vs? ? Discussion in 'Archived Threads ' started by JaredB, Jul 17, AutoManual Tiptronic, then manuals came later.

David Susilo So which performs better, the G35 tiptronic vs manuals made or Jap made Mazda? Nov 20, 2003 G35 vs Maxima Nissan Cefiro Nissan Maxima Infiniti I30 as you all prolly know the G35 is RWD vs my FWD. Not good for me, but I have driven nothing but manuals for 25 years, so I know how to launch them pretty damn well.

Pass after pass, I consistenly hammered the G35. One final comment is that the tiptronic tranny in the G35 is May 27, 2008 I was under the impression that Auto's are much worse at launching than manuals because of the torque converter. i could be wrong on this, i don't want you to think i have firsthand knowledge of this.

but i never really got the joy in shifting a tiptronic manually. it's fun here and there, but to me it seems like a toy that gets old fast Dec 02, 2006 I am about to buy a Infiniti G35 coupe 2004, Is the manual better or is the triptronic automatic better?

I know" real guys" drive manuals, but i have heard that the triptronics shift so fast that they actually will beat manuals, Which is faster and better? Does anyone have good websites that compare and talk about it? any help would be nice Apr 14, 2009 Tiptronic's are not manuals. it's basically a glorified automatic, but you have a lil more freedom.

I remember one time i bumped into a high schoolfriend, and he had a new TL. So we started talking about it, and i asked him if it was a manual or an auto. and he said both. . Aug 02, 2008 I am definately a fan of manuals. I used to touge with some friends in Los Angeles, ran autocross a few times (I am G35 tiptronic vs manuals illustrating that I like to drive, not that I'm good at it).

or the auto with tiptronic so I can have a bit of that control, but with the ease of automatic. G35 6MT was my first stick car that I've ever owned and I Apr 24, 2007 Hey guys I'm going to purchase a G35 Coupe soon and wonder if there's a significant difference between them. I know the Infinity auto tranny Oct 12, 2003  The manumatic or tiptronic (whatever you want to call it) isn't my cup of tea either.

Here's how the auto stick feature works on the G35. You have your regular Drive, Neutral, Park, Reverse and then when you feel like driving in the auto stick mode, slide P. S. Im 100 sure GTS Tiptronic shifts faster than the G35 tiptronic. but still not as sensitive as true manuals. the tiptronic we have is a great technology from toyota, just it needs a gear or two more Manual vs. automatic transmission: save money A stick shift can save you gas and money, if you can get one.

Manuals require more skill and experience to operate well. For example, a car with a May 22, 2011 I wanna hear from the owners of Audi automatic tiptronic transmission vehicle (or people who have driven one before).

Yes, i will test drive before i buy the car but before i do that, i just wanna get a little more knowledge about it (the experiences, not the written manuals). I do understand that manual shift REACT faster, I get the control of the vehicle.

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