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202 rows  The Hornby locomotive decoders may be used with all standard digital control equipment Thanks for your reply. I only have one R8249 decoder, and when the opportunity arises, I will replace it with my preferred Lenz choice, or maybe a TCS DP2XUK. I am trying to help my pal, who is a beginner in DCC, and does have a selection of decoders, some of which are R8249 type. The four function R8249 Hornby Digital Decoder features: The Hornby Select Digital Control is capable of operating up to 39 points or solenoid operated accessories when used in conjunction with the Hornby R8247 Points Decoder Module.

The intention at the outset was merely to fit a decoder to my Inter City 125 HST motor unit and dummy car. I didnt even think about changing the bulb in either unit until I found, on eBay, a PCB made by Black Cat Technology where the two bulbs would be replaced by two PCBs thus givingbidirectional lighting the two 4 function by adding decoders (R8249) and removing the original bulbs.

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Maximum current carrying capacity of the decoder in sum 1A Rated continuous current output in sum 500mA. Two of the function outputs are dedicated for the head tail lights.

The Hornby R8249 Digital Locomotive Decoders may be used with all standard digital control equipment that conforms to the NMRA standards. Control of the motor's rotational speed (load compensation) Acceleration and deceleration separately adjustable Hornby R8249 Any or Multiple Scales 8pin 4function 2sided 0. 5A (1A peak) decoder DCC Ready.

8pin socket Product Description Dimensions 17mm x 10mm x 3. 5mm. Decoder has back EMF. Other DCC Decoders Bachmann Thomas the Tank Digital decoders (Any or Multiple Scales) Hornby Other R8249 DCC Locomotive Decoder This decoder replaces the R8215 Locomotive decoder and is now V1.

3 NMRA compliant. The decoder is already plugged into the locomotives that are included with the Select based train sets, however they do have to be fitted to all locomotives that are intended for use with the Select or Elite digital unit. Hornby Other R8247 Accessory Decoder The four outputs are factory set for the operation of solenoid (point) motors, however, by adjusting the CV settings of each output a graduation of varying 'bursts' of current, up to a constant current (turntable motor operation, lighting, etc.

) can be obtained for each individual output. DCC Decoder Default Resets Ted Freeman A not uncommon problem with mobile DCC decoders is losing settings as occurs at times when a short circuit is experienced on the track feed, or making mistakes when changing CVs (Configuration Variables). The best way to overcome a problem such as this is to reset the decoder to its default fac Find great deals on eBay for hornby r8249. Shop with confidence.

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