Kl 280 fusion splicer manuals

Jilong KL280 Fusion Splicer is an automatic fusion splicer with core fiber alignment. The device is capable of splicing a fiber in 9 seconds and heating a splice sleeve in 30 seconds. The device is capable of splicing a fiber in 9 seconds and heating a splice sleeve in 30 seconds.

Fusion Splicer KL300T, Corecore& cladclad alignment, PAS technology, X& Y display or XY single display 12 CD manual user Softwave 300T CD 1 Anmex Core to core alignment by PAS technology (PAS: Profile Alignment System) Fiber core can be display clearly Single X or Y view and X& Y view simultaneously Auto check quality of cleaved end face Microsoft Word 0104KL280G Optical Fusion Splicer Fusion Splicer Jilong KL280. ToolBoom Online Store measuring& soldering equipment, ultrasonic cleaners, network service equipment, fiber optic equipment, hand tools, desk lamps Fusion Splicer KL280EFusion Splicer KL280ECoreCore alignement by PAS technologyFiber core can be display clearlySingle X or Y view and X& Y view& auto control of ARC powerAuto check& display quality of Nanjing Jilong Optical Communication Co.Ltd is a professional manufacturer of fusion splicer.

Jilong was established in 1996, developed the first automatic fusion splicer in the same year. Jilong owns independent intellectual property rights of KL series fusion splicer's software& hardware. Jilong KL280 Fusion Splicer. CoreCore& Clad Clad Alignement. PAS Technology. Fiber core& clad display with high resolution Specifications Function Comparision of Jilong Fusion Splicer Function KL280G KL280 KL300T KL500 Display fiber cleaved angle Display fiber offset angle This model of Kl 280 fusion splicer manuals splicer is used for the fusion of quartz glass fiber; please Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer User Manual 1 General information 1.

1 Applicable range 1. 2 Specifications 2 Terms about Please charge the inner battery in time when use KL0126L7 PS modules. Power specifications of the inner battery: DC 13. 5V5A. Fiber Fusion Splicer KL280E KitJilong Fiber Fusion Splicing Kit contains Fiber Cleaver, Fiber Stripper, Case, Spare Electrodes, Cleaning tools, Manual, Power Supply Cord, (Power Module, AC Adapter, Cooling Tray additional with purchase) CoreCore a JiLong KL280 Fusion Splicers Fiber Optic Equipment Follow us for the latest equipment specials.

P. S cord, carrying case, spare electrodes, cooling tray, cleaning tools and operating manual. JiLong KL280 datasheet& specifications. Fill out the form below for more information about the JiLong KL280 Jan 12, 2015  KL 280G Fusion Splicer Operating CoreCore& Clad Clad Alignement PAS Technology Fiber core& clad display with

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