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Download the AvPlan EFB Quick Start Guide. Download the AvPlan EFB Manual Version 7. 0. To import into iBooks, tap on this link on your device. Once the file downloads, tap on the page and then tap the Open in iBooks button. Concept The installation of Concept must take place before the installation of Concept EFB, because the tool is installed in the same directory as the Concept application. Concept EFB The installation of Concept EFB can only take place after the installation of Concept.

The Electronic Flight Bag is developed to run on the Microsoft. NET Framework 3. 5. www. aivlasoft. com Installation types Run EFBSetupv131. exe and follow the instructions shown by the installation program, as described in" Step by step installation" Boxed version (CD) Electronic Flight Bag v2 Complete installation SERVER Initial setup EFB v2 Server ( Win64 and Win32 operating systems) Complete installation CLIENT Initial setup EFB v2 Nov 14, 2015 Aivlasoft EFB deel 1 installing marc motmans.

Aivlasoft Electronic Flight Bag. An intro to Aivlasoft EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) Example flight EGSSEHAM Part 1 Duration: aivlasoft. htm. html Adding documents Any document you want to be available in the EFB library module must be copied to the following folder: VISTA Win7 C: \Users\[User WinXP C: \Documents and Settings\[User Name\ My The organization of this folder is up to Jul 01, 2018 EFB v2 user manuals Any of my search term words; All of my search term words FMS Data Manual Install.

The recommended way to download data is through the FMS Data Manager software, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Manual installer downloads are provided here for legacy reasons, and as a backup routine if there are any issues with updating through the Manager. EFB v2 English manuals. By aivlasoft. 2, 502 EFB v2 German manuals. By aivlasoft. 969 Categories. 2 Installers; 2 Manuals; Browse Categories. Latest Files; All Activity; Home; Downloads; Contact Us; Powered by Invision Community Existing user?

Aivlasofts Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), a software that provides everything you could possibly need to make your flights better planned and executed. Being a pilot and a former flight dispatcher, Ill give thumbs up to the addons that have some sort of planning tools in it. To unzip use either WinZip or 7zip. After the file has been unzipped the folder should contain the following files: (Installation software) EFB Installation and Configuration 2014. 02. pdf (this document) Run and follow the instructions shown by the AivlaSoft started with many ideas in mind for the flight simulation community and put EFB Aivlasoft efb installation manual their primary focus upon realizing the enormous amount of coding and effort to achieve the end product.

Urs was working seven day weeks for two years and finally developed the very first version of EFB. EFB v1, purchased BEFORE 22 August 2014: To recover old EFB v1 license keys, purchased before 22 August 2014, you have to send a request to You have to provide the email address which was used for this purchase, the purchase date and your name. Without this information old license keys cannot be recovered.

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