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Mar 22, 2014 In the PMDG 737 FMC I'd add a FIXBRGDIST waypoint like MOSBY, but I do not find a way to go with the 777 FMC. How to add custom waypoints to a FMC route?

AVSIM Online Simming's Premier Resource! FMC USERS MANUAL 8 3 FLIGHT MANAGEMENT COMPUTER Custom waypoints 737 fmc manual AND USAGE Overview: The Next Generation 737 uses a fully integrated Flight Management System that is comprised of the following core FMC Custom Waypoint Entry Notes PMDG General.

FMC WP Entry Notes ALONGTRACK FFF# DD Where: FFF Fix Name (Usually three or five characters)# (After fix) (Before fix) DD Distance Note: Only; MD11 use DIR INTC. PLACE BEARINGDISTANCE PPPPPBBB. BDDD. D Where: PPPPP Fix Name (Usually three to five characters) BBB. B Bearing from Oct 30, 2012 In dem Tutorial wird beschrieben, wie Custom Waypoints in das FMC der pmdg 737ngx eingegeben werden.

Des weiteren wie ein Intercept Course eingefgt werden k Creating Waypoints on the Fly with the CDU. September 20, 2012 at 12: 00. FMC Flight Management Computer Target Waypoint Hi Thanks for the tutorial, very helpful!

I am using the PMDG 737 and I am not able to insert a bearing waypoint before the anchor waypoint, using the negative key (LAV ) in the LEGS page. The along track waypoint will be listed in the flight plan using the format PPPss, where PPP is the first three letters of the fix name upon which the custom waypoint is based, and ss is a sequence number assigned by the FMC.

What's wrong with the default XPlane 11 FMC? (self. flightsim) Zibo's 737 FMC is about 10x more complicated and functional than XP11's default FMC and is no way comparable. permalink; embed; XP11's default FMC is just a waypoint page and a deparr page. The plane will fly to the waypoints I can never remember the format for entering custom waypoints (and Im not the only one).

This cheat sheet provides an easy reference for the information that already exists in the manuals for these aircraft but you can never remember where! Aug 20, 2013 Tech Log Custom waypoints B777 vs B737 FMC? Hi! Im wondering how flexible the 777 FMC is when creating your own waypoints. I captured a video on Feb 21, 2017 En este vdeo explico cmo crear Waypoints que no estn en la BD del FMC y saber interpretar esos wpts" raros" que aparecen en el CDU cuando programo SIDs, S

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