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HPS Products Series 945 Digital Pirani Vacuum Sensor System 1 Series 945 Digital Pirani Vacuum Sensor System User's Manual. Activating high vacuum sensors at the high end of their operating pressure range. Digital Pirani vacuum Sensor System 9 About the SensaVac Precise external Pirani gauge for vacuum measurement: you get a highprecision Pirani gauge with the digital manifold, enabling you to carry out accurate vacuum measurement and making it easier to evacuate refrigeration Digital high pressure pirani gauge manual and heat pumps PRESSURE GAUGE INSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE The information contained in this manual is offered as a guide in making the proper selection of a pressure gauge.

Additional information is available from Ashcroft Inc. mal operating pressure. Too high a range may yield insufficient resolution for the Pressure Vacuum Measurement.

R740C HighPressure Baratron Gauge Capacitance Transducer with Trip Relays (20 3000 PSIG) 275 Convectron Pirani Vacuum Gauge (104 Torr to Atmosphere) 355 MicroIon BayardAlpert Vacuum Gauges (5x1010 to 5x102 Torr) Operating Maual tina31e1 ( ) 1 High Pressure Pirani Gauge HPG400 HPG400SD HPG400SP The Pirani Gauge head filament has high temperature coefficient of resistance. So a slight change in system pressure brings about useful change in filament resistance resulting in an out of balance voltage which can be read as a pressure on meter.

HPG400 ATM to HighVacuum Gauge. The INFICON High Pressure Hot Ionization Pirani Gauge, HPG400, combines High Pressure Hot Ionization and Pirani sensors in a single, compact, economical package to measure pressure from 2106 mbar to atmosphere (1. 5106 Torr to atmosphere). The HPG400 provides highly repeatable and reproducible pressure measurement for accurate sputter process pressure Pfeiffer Vacuum offers four different lines of total pressure gauges and provides you with the best solution for your total pressure measurement tasks.

Side channel high vacuum pumps; Turbomolecular pumps; Total pressure vacuum gauge with digital signal outlet, analog output with two switchpoints as well as Profibus interfaces are Digital Gauge (Low Pressure) Robinair's new Digital Gauges (PN, ) automatically perform pressuretemperature calculations for up to 17 different refrigerants.

Their compact design, large display, and bright backlight provide technicians with accurate readings and ease of use in any location. Ultra rugged, intrinsically safe, digital pressure gauge with 0. 1 of reading accuracy. Replaces 5 or more digital test gauges.

Testo 552 Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge with Bluetooth Model: 552 datasheet for the Testo 552 Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge with Bluetooth manual for the Testo 552 Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge with The Testo 552 is a highprecision digital vacuum gauge that has all the measuring functions you need for evacuating refrigerant Digital Industrial Gauge Operating Instructions or maximum pressure gauge has measured Press again to return to pressure units Press to read menu UNITS (Pressure) ENGLISH INHG PSI 1x (1 Sec) BACKLITE (Off options) Never 2 SEC 5 SEC 15 MIN 30 MIN.

88 high digital display (41 Manufacturer of Vacuum Indicators and Gauges Digital Vacuum Gauge, Digital Pirani Gauge, Vacuum Indicators and Mcleod Gauge with High Purity Mercury offered by Ace Instruments, Hyderabad, Telangana The Digital High Pressure Pirani Gauge is available from range 999mBar to 0.

001mBar. Additional Information: Ace Instruments make Digital

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