Virginia uniform financial reporting manual

To provide a uniform system of accounting, financial reporting, and internal control adequate to protect and account for the Commonwealth's financial resources, while supporting and enhancing the recognition of Virginia as the best managed state in the union.

How is Uniform Financial Reporting Manual (Virginia; government data recording) abbreviated? UFRM stands for Uniform Financial Reporting Manual (Virginia; government data recording).

UFRM is defined as Uniform Financial Reporting Manual (Virginia; government data recording) very rarely. Securities Commission. The Securities Commission, a division of the West Virginia State Auditors Office, administers and enforces The West Virginia Uniform Securities Act, The West Virginia Commodities Act, The West Virginia Real Estate TimeSharing Act, and all associated regulations. Order No.

0004Financial Reporting Requirements Virginia Department of Accounts Financial Accountability. Reporting Excellence. About DOA. CAPP Manual (Cardinal) Charge Card Administration. Commonwealth Vendor Group. DOA's Financial Reporting unit also houses the statewide fixed assets monitoring and reporting activity because the purchase of land, buildings and equipment represents The Uniform Financial Reporting Manual (UFRM) sets the requirements for Virginia local governments for Comparative Reporting data submitted to the Auditor of Public Accounts.

Section 15. of the Code of Virginia requires all counties, cities, towns with a updates to APA Specifications and the Uniform Financial Reporting Manual, results of quality control reviews over firms auditing Virginias local governments, pension and other post The Specifications for Audits of Counties, Cities, and Towns sets standards for audits of local governments in Virginia. The specifications in this manual apply to all audits of counties, cities, towns with populations of 3, 500 or more, and towns operating a separate school division.

The Uniform Financial Reporting Manual specifies the This revision of the Uniform Financial Reporting Manual reflects existing requirements for preparing the Comparative Report of Local Government Revenues and Expenditures.

It also includes general information on the Code of Virginia requirements for local governments financial reporting and existing professional literature at the time of

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