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Flickr Blog. Save Cancel. Drag to set position! Olympus EP1 Instruction Manual. Olympus digital camera user manual. Taking a picture using manual focus You can take a picture focusing manually while checking the focus on the LCD monitor. [BULB is displayed on the LCD monitor. TIPS To automatically end bulb shooting after a specified period of time: j You can set the maximum Instruction manual Warranty card Tips Useful information and hints that will help you get the most out of your camera.

g Reference pages describing details or related information. SS0027E. indb E. indb 2 14: 52: 14: 52: 35. EN 3 Preparations for shooting With a non highspeed contrast AF lens mounted, the camera defaults to Manual Focus mode even if Auto Focus is selected. There's no useful AEL AFL button To enable accurate manual focusing the EP1 provides MF Assist Function and Magnification Display.

In SAF MF or MF, the MF assist enables you to zoom up the central part of the image by up to 5 times by turning the focus ring. A quick tip for changing the focal length when E p1 manual focus tips a manual focus lens on the Olympus OMD EM5. I have using only one MF lens on my EM5 for a few weeks now. What are your best tips and methods for AFFocus tracking on AF lenses? The Panasonic and 20mm pancake lenses employ the GH2's AF feature set but they have a tendency to go off and hunt for focus on their own.

Nov 08, 2012  When I adjust the manual focus ring on the lens does the camera" forget" the previous autofocus (halfbutton press) when you fully press the shutter or does it refocus automatically? Any tips, pointers, or links to information about how to best use the manual focus on the OMD What I love about my EP1 is that it can take all of the old style manual focus lenses, such as my Leica 40mm Summicron, Voigtlander, or even all of my Nikon lenses.

The image stabilization is in the body, so you get that advantage, while still having the fun of using the manual lenses. Jul 29, 2009 With today's introduction of the OMD EM10 III, we thought it would be nice to jump back in time to 2009, when Olympus announced the PEN EPL1, its first mirrorless camera. Jul 29, 2009 As mentioned earlier Olympus is also launching two new adapters for the EP1, allowing the use of standard Four Thirds lenses (with full functionality including autofocus) and OM mount manual focus lenses (obviously you'll only get manual focus but you do get metering)

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