Leslie 18 cabinet manual

For sale is this vintage 1972 Leslie Model 18 rotating speaker cabinet. This particular example, serial number H, is in very nice all original condition, so take advantage of this opportunity to buy a particularly fine specimen with the option for Worldwide shipping! Find best value and selection for your leslie 18 speaker search on eBay. World's leading marketplace. Click to download a scanned manual If you need the manual for a Leslie Combo Preamp, click here Please note: In some cases I have left out the schematic diagram for space reasons.

Aug 28, 2015 I picked up a Leslie 18, the one with the 12 inch speaker, sounds great, but when I hook it up the way the Vibratone manual says, amp speaker into the L18 cable, L18 plug into the speaker jack on the amp, it works but it bypasses the speaker in the amp, just the Leslie engages.

2 61Key Manuals 25 Pedals 18 Preset Keys 4 Sets Drawbars 1 Tone Generator 1 Tremulant control Locking Top Tone cabinet required Serial No.

2501 and above in larger cabinet and designated AB. HAMMOND Leslie 18 Changeable Presets with Tone Cabinet Feb 14, 2012  The Leslie 18 has a 12" speaker in, whereas a Leslie 16 (aka Fender Vibratone) as a 10" speaker.

Audio recording is not great; it sounds a bit The Fender Vibratone is a variant of the Leslie Model 16 and 18 speaker cabinets. (CBS bought both Fender and Leslie in the mid1960s.

) Like other Leslies, the Vibratone contains a rotating drum mounted in front of a 4ohm speaker (a 10" in the case of the Vibratone and Leslie 16; a 12" in the case of the Leslie 18).

The Leslie 16 is the functional equivalent of the Fender Vibratone. Leslie also built a Leslie 18. The Vibratone and the Leslie 16 were essentially identical except for cosmetics; they had 10 inch speakers. Real damage can occur if you connect a Leslie incorrectly.

While every reasonable effort has been made to insure these pinouts and the Leslie references to them are accurate, the Service Manual is the ultimate authority on technical matters. The captain's model guide.

About this guide This is a quick guide to Leslie speaker models suited for Hammond organs. This document is meant as a reference for when you are browsing the classifieds or eBay and is not meant to list every little detail about the speakers. tHe LesLie Heritage The sound was a success, but triumph becomes bittersweet when faced with the reality of moving a 150 lb. hardwood cabinet (without handles or wheels). This Leslie 18 rotating speaker is in excellent condition.

Built in the 1970s, it is the ultimate rotating speaker effect in guitar cabinet form. Emulated by about every stomp box manufacturer there is, the Leslie 18 is the same speaker as the Fender Vibratone, but with different branding.

Owner's manual; Leslie 122A Owner's Manual. Innovative sound systems. Related Manuals for Leslie 122A. Speakers Leslie 145 Operating And Maintenance Instructions Manual (29 pages) To prevent damage to the cabinet, it is advisable that more than one person move the speaker.

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