Phoenix simulator with turnigy 9x manual

Feb 01, 2011 I have my Turnigy 9x working with FMS but I am bothered by the fact that I need to have the radio module unplugged and hanging while I fly the sim. Do you guys think a switch that cuts the modules power (only) would suffice?

USB Simulator Cable Phoenix RC a Turnigy 9X 9CH and a FlySky TH9X! OK those last two are really the same radio! If you're having throttle problems with your radio, always remember to set your throttle to around midstick and recalibrate. Try it a few times, it should work! Also if your radio has a vacant memory slot, use a basic setup Cant get turnigy 9x to work with Phoenix RC (self. radiocontrol) submitted 4 years ago by Lordranger So, i borried my friends copy of Phoenix RC which he isnt using anymore to try to learn some more skills on.

Apr 02, 2018  Discussion Setting up Turnigy 9x tx for simulators Simulators Forums; Magazine; Blogs I am wanting to purchase a copy of Phoenix but have put it off waiting to see if someone else has it running with the Turnigy 9x transmitter.

Reason: Well I was able to try a 3. 5mm male stereo connector plugged into the trainersimulator The Phoenix User Manual is available in electronic format from either of the two locations below: please contact Phoenix Technical Support at the appropriate address above.

I am using Phoenix on my Intelbased Macintosh computer, and encounter graphics issues on startup Feb 17, 2013 Discussion Turnigy 9x Quadcopter Simulator Multirotor Drone Talk. If you buy Phoenix, you get a cable that plugs into the 9x's trainer port. Sep 13, 2013  I am new to this hobby and started from absolute zero so I bought a transmitter Turnigy 9x and Phoenix simulator to learn flying.

Managed to hook up the transmitter and got it detected by the software after I desoldered and antenna and removed the module. After tinkering around with the settings I am now able to identify Jun 10, 2013 How do I get the Phoenix sim to recognize the Turnigy 9X radio for use in the simulator guys?

The HobbyKing 6ch flight simulator USB controller is known to not work with the sim. The Phoenix proprietary dongle only works with Phoenix. with a Turnigy 9X Phoenix simulator with turnigy 9x manual Mac with Wireless 9 in1 it's only for controllers that plug in through an audio cable isn't it? I read through the manual before posting on here and didn't see anything on Feb 15, 2014 How to use the Turnigy 9x in a Flight Model Simulator program Fan Page Blog www.

rcnaveia. com. br Jan 27, 2013  Use the Turnigy 9X with a Simulator? ? ? Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Crash Test Dummy, HobbyKing says that the turnigy 9x has a simulator output. Has anyone actually tried this output and can verify that the Turnigy 9X will work with a simulator?

yeah Chinese like the crappy manual Hahahahaha no I Jan 19, 2013  It is very easy to setup your 9XR with Phoenix RC Flight Sim. Turnigy 9XR with Phoenix RC Simulator Setup Hobby King Turnigy 9X Trainer Function and Simulator

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