Unity of command scenario editor manuals

Mar 12, 2014 We are releasing the v1. 05 Update for Unity of Command. The Update fixes some general and AI crashes, fixes some Editor issues and adds some more info about units in scenario editor force pool dialog. Collector's Edition: This edition comes with a full color printed box, full color printed CD (with your order number and serial number printed on it), a Printed full color manual and a PDF EBook indexed manual. 2. Once you've added the airbase (or other unit which supports aircraft) select that and go to EditorEdit Aircraft.

This will bring up a dialog which allows you to add aircraft, you can chose a callsign and number of aircraft. 3. The editor allows you to make a scenario that you can then release so others can play. Jan 07, 2013 Until the next update, there is no documentation in the installer covering the new mechanics and the scenario editor.

The attached documents were written by me to cover that gap. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Scenario Editor Problems I made my own scenario and everything works fine except the prestige. For some reason my objectives don't count for anything so it just acts like i have all the prestige i need to win so I cant do anything. Encircle, don't be afraid to lose troops delaying a spot, cutting of a spot and most importantly, cutting a supply line.

Especailly as the Russian, you will not win one on one with Germans. You must overwhelm in that case. There are times a random weather event I believe make a scenario unwinable at max prestige gain level.

OF COMMAND UNITY AFT AFT Page 2 OF COMMAND UNITY AFT 1. Scenario objectives are represented by target markers on the map. To Find out more about these scenarios in the PvP Games section of this manual. Internet game code QUICK When the folder opens, go one level up, so you're in the" Unity of Command" folder.

Within that folder go to" user"and then" scenarios". A4: Open Scenario Editor. Unity of Command will ask you for the key once per operating system user. [STEAM Where can I find the CD key for Unity Of Command (Steam version)?

In your Steam game library, rightclick on" Unity of Command"then select" View CD Key" .

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