Dallas makerspace lasersaur manual

As of 2017. 11, the MakerSpace will have 4 lasers. 1 X Thunder Laser Nova 63 Link to wiki page 1600mm x 1000mm (63 x 39. 4 x 9.

8) 130 Watts of Power Tour of Dallas Makerspace: GlassWorks 101 Equipment Basics This handson class will introduce you to the Dallas GlassWorks equipment, including department rules and general expectations, and working safety.

Glass working tools will be covered, including use of the rings sa: The Lasersaur is an open source laser cutter designed by Nortd Labs.

The working area is approximately 24" by 48" and the laser tube is rated for 100 watts continuous output. The project at the Dallas Makerspace is based on v14. 03 of the Lasersaur. Aug 27, 2018 Per the Dallas Makerspace Code of Conduct, all toolsresources must stay on the premises so that other members may use them.

Completion of a training class, or verification of equivalent experience by a qualified member, is required to use some of the tools available at Dallas Makerspace. Dallas Makerspace Google. Press question mark to see available shortcut keys Dallas Makerspace sent a Lasersaur and electronics tools all the way from Texas.

Members have kicked in maximum scavenging efforts, with generous donations from near and far. Now, nearly a year later, the space is coming along. The wood shop alone is nearly as large as the old space. Two laser cutters are operational. The download library has all the manuals, programs and other files that you may need to get your website up and running. Categories The Lasersaur Manual. Tweets by @lasersaur.

Lasersaur. The Lasersaur is a beautiful laser cutter with an outstanding priceperformance ratio. We designed it to fill the need of makers, designers, architects and researchers who want a safe and highlycapable machine. Unlike others it's open source and comes fully loaded with knowledge to run From Dallas Makerspace.

Jump to: You can order lasercut kits from the Flite Test store for about 30, or laser cut your own using the Lasersaur at the space for about 5 in materials and laser time. Contents. 1 Models; 2 FT Swappable Power Pod; Used on a multitude of Flitetest planes Power Pod foam board SVG; As promised, or threatened, depending on which end of the stick youre on I will be teaching an electronics class at the Dallas Makerspace every 3rd Saturday of the month. The goal of these The Automotive Category is for discussion of Automotive in general and governance of the committee.

The Issues& Requests category is where you should report any issues with our tools and various resources. You MUST include details in your request.

This is also where you make requests for supplies (such as: hand soap, paper towels, pens, markers, copy paper, etc) for our community, and to request access to various resources at Dallas Makerspace.

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