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The Edwards Personal Preference Schedule as a Predictor of Success in a Collegiate Professional Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS) as a predictive instrument. The EPPS was administered to 163 test results were considered usable. Texas Educator Certification Program Tests.

Curriculum Crosswalks are testspecific charts that help EPPs confirm that the courses offered in their programs cover the necessary content from required tests.

a test administration manual; the test form; Online Test Administration Manual for CAASPP Testing Select this link to expand or collapse the list of downloadable options.

(Updated ) Manuals and Instructions: STS Online Test Administration Manual (Posted ) Archive Libraries. The test administration manuals and materials page contains links to various materials required by service center, district, and campus personnel to successfully administer state assessments. These include manuals for coordinators, test administrators, and technology staff. The Test Administration Manual (posted to the security portal) will provide details on testing windows, test security, and ethics requirements.

The MCASEPP Test EPPS Test Manual for the psychologist, EPPS test booklet for the candidate with the questions, EPPS candidate form. In normal circumstances you will use one form per candidate. Using the test on paper requires you to purchase one original Test Dimensions EPPS form per candidate per test taking.

Ordering Instructions for the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards a test administration manual the test form an answer key render them unusable for future test administrations by other EPPs and any other SBECauthorized institutions which have, or could have, purchased the same Test Administration Manual (printout PDF from website) record it on the Supervisors Test Administration Report Form.

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