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AP static pressure controller reads static pressure and adjusts any 3 wire drive unit until preset levels are reached. Simple manual speed control for fans. Can be used as a heat lamp control too. 130. 72. Phason Repair Kit Replacement Photohelic gauge for the Hog Slat Negative Pressure Ventilation Controller (HS653).

361. 79. Manuals. Events. Video Library. AP has the resources you need to help plan the perfect swine production solution, as well as everything you need to keep your AP products running efficiently and safely. With a fullline of feed storage and delivery systems, feeders, ventilation and environmental controls, AP and its dealers are on your Brand AP. Today's Ap swine ventilation manuals requirements demand equipment that doesn't just perform well, it must Ap swine ventilation manuals.

(AP) swine production equipment includes feeders, waterers, ventilation and heating equipment, feed storage and delivery, flooring, confinement and more. The Expert line of ventilation controls including the VT110 offers producers precise control and monitoring of environment, feeding and watering.

Expert VT110 Ventilation Controller QC Supply Your company account is blocked and you cannot place orders. Mechanical Ventilation Design Worksheet for Swine Housing Table 1. Recommended Ventilation Rates Housing Weight Cold Weather Rate Hot Weather Rate cfmunit cfmunit Sow and Litter 400 20 500 Nursery Pigs 1230 2 25 3075 3 35 Finishing Pigs 7 75 10 120 Extension Bulletin E2574 HOUSING Michigan State University Extension Troubleshooting Swine Ventilation Systems Authors Larry D.

Jacobson, University of Minnesota AP; Products Animal Handling (194) Swine Handling Accessories (12) Animal Housing (109) Power Saver feature minimizes utility cost by maximizing the use of larger more efficient ventilation fans while minimizing operation of less efficient fans.

Manuals. Events. Video Library That's why AP offers a complete selection of ventilation fans, coolingheating systems, curtain controllers, filter ducts and inlets to fit a wide range of needs.

Product Lineup. Alarms AgriAlert alarms have been protecting swine operations around the world since 1997. They constantly monitor an operation and Environmental controls are the core of any ventilation system. AP offers the professional producer precise control and monitoring of environment feeding and watering with the proper controls for heating, cooling, air inlets and more. Replacement parts for your APAirstream Curtain Controller curtain machines. Keep your curtain machine in top running order with our selection of nylon block inserts, gear motors, couplers, limit switches and more.

Truly good ventilation systems dont just happen. Sophisticated microprocessor based climate controllers that are at the heart of each AP system must be chosen carefully and set to achieve maximum results.

Energy Conservation in Ventilating and Heating Swine Buildings Authors Robert L. Fehr, University of Kentucky ventilation rate provided by this fan is calculated by know" Mechanical Ventilation of Swine Buildings" for more detailed information.

SwineHogs Munters has a solid and far ranging experience in designing climate control products& systems for swine production facilities. A properly designed ventilation system will provide an environment which is desirable for pigs (hogs) as well as people.

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