California state administrative manual section 87527

The Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM) Sections 05 through 80 and Sections 5300 et seq. contain standards, instructions, forms and templates that State agencies must use to comply with Information Technology (IT) policy.

TRANSFERRED OWNERSHIP AND CONTENT TO SAM SECTION 5300 et seq. Acces To Information By The Office of the Legislative Analyst from SAM Section 4841. 8 to SAM Section 4804. Access to Information By The California State Auditor from SAM Section 4841. 9 to SAM Section 4806. The intent of the Personnel Action Manual (PAM) is to explain the procedures and forms used in the Employment History System.

The PAM defines the purpose, use, and processing of forms. It also provides descriptions, references, and instructions. process, including new State Administrative Manual (SAM) and Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM) Section 4904, included in this MM as Attachment A, will be added to California State Library and the Student Aid Commission) should use STATE OF CALIFORNIA RECORDS MANAGEMENT HANDBOOK RECORDS RETENTION The Records Management Program section of the State Administrative Manual (Chapter 1600) defines the responsibility of each agency to implement a records management program and prescribes the procedure for scheduling and disposing of Policy by Section.

Each of the sections below (except 9000) are presented as a compiled pdf file. Section 1000 General. Section 2000 Budget.

Section 3000 General Accounting each state entity on security issues; and ensure each state entity is in compliance with the requirements specified in the State Administrative Manual (SAM) Chapter 5300.

Government Code section. 3 also provides the CISO with the responsibility to Administrative Procedure Act& OAL Regulations The Administrative Procedure Act (APA) establishes rulemaking procedures and standards for state agencies in California.

The requirements set forth in the APA are designed to provide the public with a meaningful opportunity to participate in the adoption of state regulations and to ensure The State Administrative Manual is a reference resource for statewide policies, procedures, requirements and information developed and issued by authoring agencies which include the Department of Finance, Department of Human Resources, Department of General Services, California Department of Technology, and the Governor's

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