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Direct. LOGIC 305 Programmable Logic Controller The DL305 PLC series is a small modular PLC that has been marketed by various namebrand PLC manufacturers for over 20 years. This Koyo design revolutionized the small PLC market, and is still a good performer and a great value. DirectLOGIC Micro Programmable Logic Controller (DL05 PLC) Would a 125. 00 micro PLC with incredible features solve your application's discrete and process control problems?

The DL05 and the DL06 DirectLOGIC product lines are a family of micro PLCs designed to fit more applications than any other PLC family in their class. Use the DL05 programmable logic controller to: Build a micro process monitor controller using the PID function and analog input option module. Add a local operator interface to set and view parameters.

DirectSOFT32 PLC Programming Software 678 Software Features Edit programs as fast as you can move a mouse or use hot keys (even faster) Write your program with nicknames instead of data points Apr 04, 2011 I would like to connect using Port2 to a DL05 which has option module F004RTD. The RTD module is using to RTD's which are working fine.

What I would like to do is have the DL05 as a slave to the DL260 just to read the RTD values. DL05 User Manual. Manual Revisions If you contact us in reference to this manual, remember to include the revision number. Title: DL05 Micro PLC User Manual Manual Number: D0USERM EditionRev Date Description of 1 KOYO DIRECT Supported Series: KOYO DirectLogic series PLC DL05, DL06, DL105, DL205, DL305, and DL405 series.

Website: HMI Setting: Parameters Recommended Options Notes PLC type KOYO DIRECT PLC IF RS232 RS232, RS485 Baud rate,Data bits 8 7, 8 Parity Odd Even, Odd, None Stop bits 1 1 PLC sta. no PLC DL05 PLC Units The DL05 line of micro PLCs offers an inexpensive solution for small IO applications with features such as: NOTE: For pricing and to order, click on the VIEW e The DL05 micro PLC family includes eight different models.

Each has eight inputs Logic program and update the outputs. Instructions A complete list of instructions is available at the end of this section. Communications Removable Direct For the latest prices, please check PLCs Automate Reliability Testing AutomationDirect PLCs enable continuous lifecycle testing, provide data collection, and shorten product design and verification cycles at Viking Range.

When Fred Carl, Jr. was designing his house in the early 1980s, he wasnt satisfied with the quality of available ranges. DL05 Micro Brick PLC system The DL05 is not short on features. For small IO applications, the DL05 can do the job of some of our larger PLCs. The first three DC inputs on the DL05 PLCs are set up by default as filtered inputs with a 10 ms filter.

Likewise, the first four DC inputs on the DL06 PLCs are set to the same default value. By entering a Direct logic dl05 manual transmission code in a special V tions available in DirectSOFT version 5. All DL05 PLCs have two builtin RS232 communications ports that can be used for programming, operator interface, networking, etc.

Logic program and update the outputs. Instructions A complete list of instructions is available at the end of this section.

The DirectLOGIC DL05, DL06 and DL105 micro PLCs have a builtin feature referred to as HighSpeed Input and Pulse Output. The highspeed input feature is available on the PLC models with DC inputs, while the highspeed pulse output is DL05 Micro PLC User Manual. Manual Revision History (Current version is 6th Edition, Rev. D: October, 2017) Important Safety Warning Errata NOTE: The DL05 User Manual has been divided into two volumes.

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