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Oct 18, 2001 anyone know where i could find a manual for a DBX 163x 12 rack compressorlimiter? ive looked and emailed all the sources i can think of. (dbx, stores that sold the Here's rackmounting for a pair of 150Xes or for a 150X and dbx 163X Compressor Limiter, 263X DeEsser, or 463X Noise Gate or other" OX" series units: I& 2) Attach side panels; DBX 163a Over Easy Compressor (Original American Version) Great Used Condition See more like this DBX 163X Over Easy CompressorLimiter Fully Tested PreOwned The dbx 160A is a legendary dbx 160 family of compressorlimiters.

The same classic sound, easy setup and no compromise metering is now married to an improved signal path and stronger chassis design. The result is industry standard compressorlimiter which is digitalready and road tough. Make sure to read the owners manual for your Find great deals on eBay for dbx 163x.

Shop with confidence. Jul 30, 2009 That's how I got a manual for the pair of 163x compressors that I picked up. Later on, I got an manual emailed to me by a guy at DBX and realized the download on their site is missing a few pages. I could email the copy I got from DBX if you want. Dbx 163x Compressor Manual Tags: 163X, bass compressor, dbx, DI input, dirty, halfrack size, HiZ input, What the manual doesn't say is that this is a greatsounding compressor with a big.

dbx 163X dbx 160A dbx For a compressor that can be had at a very cheap price used, the DBX 163X is a great deal. It isn't up there with the DBX 165A and 166, but it has a more than This sale is for a Revive Audio modified DBX 163x compressor limiter that is works and sounds great.

This unit is in average shape overall for its age and sounds fantastic! ! View and Download Dbx 160A instructions manual online. COMPRESSOR LIMITER. 160A Amplifier pdf manual download. and rack mount audio products, like the dbx 163X, 263X, and 563X). Such sources can be balanced or unbalanced this is no problem for the 160A. View and Download Dbx 160X instruction manual online. 160X Music Mixer pdf manual download. What the manual doesnt say is that this is a greatsounding compressor with a big, dirty, squashy sound.

The 163X is the polar opposite of a modern, bland VCA compressor. The 163X is what the Americans call a Color piece it certainly colours the sound and is superb for bass guitar, electric guitar or keyboards. The DBX 163X is a simple compressorlimiter that comes as a single Dbx 163x compressor manual unit.

It is an analog piece of gear, and only takes up half a rack space, so if you had two of these you could fit them perfectly in a single space in a traditional rack casing. I don't know what types of connections it has dbx 163X Compressor, Recapped& Modified, Colour Compressor, 12 U Rackmount This 163X has been modified with highvalue bipolar capacitors in the audio path, new film bypass capacitors on all ICs and an upgraded power supply with larger reservoir caps and additional decoupling.

Top 20 Best Compressors Of All Time. Facebook Twitter 91. 12 dbx 160. Widely considered to be one of the finest VCA compressors ever built, the diminutive DBX 160A, first introduced in 1971, is all about the knock. Attack Magazine is funded by advertising revenue. To help support our original content, please consider

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