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Aug 22, 2012 The Nord Electro DOES have splitting for Hammond, so you achieve a dual manual situation similar to what you'd have on a real Hammond but on a single manual. Last edited by nathansh on 31 Jul 2012, 11: 32, edited 2 times in total. Oct 06, 2013 1 user review on Clavia Nord Electro 4 SW73. 1 year North ex internship, 1 and a half years north electro 3.

1 year and a half north piano, 2 years North Stage 2 76 (heavy touch), all this through a northern wave. Suffice to say I used to NORD. nord electro 4 sw73, 73key keyboard Here is a Nord Electro 4 SW73, 73key keyboard with it's power cable in good condition.

All electronic functions work well on this Electro 4. The new Nord Electro 4 SW73 has twice the memory capacity of its acclaimed predecessor, Nord Electro 3 SeventyThree, letting you fit more sounds from our unique Nord Piano and Sample Libraries. The Organ section has been upgraded to the latest Tone Wheel engine from our dual manual organ Nord C2D, including a new 122 Rotary speaker simulation and Drive. The Nord Electro 5 (NE5 for short) is the newest iteration of Clavias vaunted Electro series, and it some of its features make it much more compelling than its predecessors.

Keys and Synths Clavia Nord Piano Jan 03, 2012 With the Nord Sample Library support, Electro 3 owners have access to Nord's exclusively licensed Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds and a wide selection of quality sounds from leading sample producers. Nord Electro 4D versus Nord Electro 4 SW73& HP Organ sections The Nord Electro 4D is fitted with physical drawbars of the same type as on our flagship organ, the Nord C2D, perfect for actively shaping the sound on the fly.

The Nord Electro 4 SW73& HP organ section is identical in features but sports our Digital LED Drawbars. The organ can be split, for compact dual manual action and its even possible to assign the lower manual to a second MIDI keyboard.

Think of an Electro as a Nord Piano plus organs, or a Nord organ plus pianos, or a Nord Stage minus the synthesizer, and you won't go far wrong. There are three models in the Electro 4 range. The 4D SW61 and SW73 offer waterfall keyboards with 61 and 73 keys respectively, while the 4HP incorporates a hammeraction 73key unit. Nord Electro 4 HPSW User Manual. Thank you! Our goal when we developed the Nord Electro instruments was to create the best emulations of traditional electromechanical keyboard instruments on the market, and to make these instruments compact Nord Sample Library in Nord Electro 4 SWHP Factory Restore v1.

0 revB Download for Nord Electro SW73 and Nord Electro HP Nord Factory Restore Instructions edition B. pdf Use the Factory Restore file with the Nord Sound Manager application to restore your instrument to the sounds and system settings it was shipped with. Related: nord electro 5 nord electro 5d nord electro 4d nord electro 3 nord stage 2 korg kronos nord electro 4 sw73 nord electro 4 sw nord electro 4 73 Include description Categories

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