Api 550b eq manual

550b 550b Four Band Switchable EqualFeatures 4 bands of our famous sounding equalization Each band offers 7 API selected frequency centers Reciprocal and repeatable filtering The API 550 EQ played a major part in the history of music recording in the USA during the 60s and 70s.

View and Download Waves API 550 user manual online. Stereo Equalizer. API 550 Software pdf manual download. a 3Band parametric equalizer with 5 fixed cutoff points per band and the API 550B, a 4Band parametric equalizer with 7 fixed cutoff points per band.

Modeled on the late 1960s legend, the API 550A EQ delivers a sound that has been Find an API Dealer Other 500 Series 505DI Direct Input 512c Discrete Mic Line Pre 525 Compressor 527 CompressorLimiter 550A Discrete 3 Band EQ 550b 4 Band EQ 560 Graphic EQ 6 Slot High Current lunchbox 500VPR 10 Slot Rack wPS Rack Ears for the lunchbox 5B1 Blank Panel 8 Slot High Current lunchbox 565 Filter Bank 535LA Line API 550B Stereo A 4Band stereo equalizer.

API 550B Mono A 4Band mono equalizer. Waves API 550 User Manual 5 Chapter 2 Quickstart Guide. Approach the Waves API 550 as you would any conventional EQ. Since the API 550 features Modeled on the late 1960s legends, the API 550 EQ plugins include two uniquely powerful equalizer plugin components: The API 550a and API 550b equalizers. The API 550A and 560 are now standard equipment in top recording facilities, humble project studios, and everything in between.

Lucky for us, these classic EQs have been meticulously modeled for the API 500 Series EQ PlugIn Collection. Based on API's original 550 from the late '60s, the API 550b is a continuation of the EQ that played a major role in the history of music recording, but with an additional filter band and several new frequencies.

Incorporating API's exclusive circuitry and proprietary components (such as the Originally conceived for use in API's consoles, this latest 550" B" version, the API 550b, is a continuation of the original 1967 550 through the 550A with

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