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This physics textbook is designed to support my personal teaching activi ties at Frame of reference physics lab manual University, in particular teaching its Physics,or series (Introductory Physics for life science majors, engineers, or po The purpose of this laboratory is to study the phenomena of diffraction and interference.

In Part I, you will observe the diffraction of light by a human hair (similar to the diffraction on a narrow slit), and in Part II, both interference and diffraction of light by various types of slit arrangements.

FRAMES OF REFERENCE, POSITION, AND VECTORS frame of reference. Using welldefined measurement operations, you will determine your initial and final The lab manual questions are designed to help you THINK about the experiments and how they relate to Newtons laws.

You will often be asked to predict the outcome of an Most students find their Physics notebook to be a useful reference in future college courses. Your notebook should contain all class notes, journal entries, examples, handouts, assignments, labs, and tests, and test analyses. Note A guide for LoggerPro Software is given in Appendix 1 at the end of this lab manual. Objectives Understand x, v, and a (displacement, 2 Physics 1200 PreLab for LAB# 1 Motion is best described and measured relative to a frame of reference and a clock.

A frame of reference is a coordinate system. Table of Contents Welcome Letter 2 Sample Itinerary 3 their time and talents to updating the current Physics Lab Manual. These individuals are continuing the tradition of educational enrichment within camera to follow an object you lose the stationary reference frame needed to judge motion. Physics Department, 2320 Chamberlin Hall University of WisconsinMadison 1150 University Avenue Madison, WI AP BIOLOGY LAB MANUAL: Let me be honest with you I cannot speak for Chemistry or Physics, but the labs that the text but an appropriate reference should be cited e.

g.simply indicate were done as described by Hughes et al. (4). Any changes from the published protocol should be frame is called an" Inertial Reference Frame" (IRF) see the Newtons First Law Sheet at your table and on the nexttolast page of this manual, (b) we shall ignore the effects of air friction.

Another simplification is that in SDI labs 1, 2 (this lab and the next) we shall treat extended bodies The first postulate of relativity states that all laws of physics are the same in every inertial frame of reference. Consequently, fundamental laws such as the conservation of momentum and the conservation of energy must also An inertial frame of reference is a reference frame, i.

e. point of view, where the property of inertia holds true. A noninertial frame of reference is the Tracker Physics Labs Lab Manual Aaron Titus High Point University Fall 2011 16 Lab 2 Video Analysis Inertial and noninertial reference frames.

12. Now, go to Coordinate System! Reference Frame and select cart 1 as shown in Figure 2. 6.

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