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visual environment technologies. Apr 17, 2012 ControlDimming ETC ION Service Manual. Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started Etc congo service manual loki, Apr 13, 2012.

loki Member. They said there they open up the same way but i cant seem to find a way to use the congo manual to open the ION.

Im looking for a copy of an ETC service manual so i can get this open. ETC Congo The Avab board by ETC GENERAL INFORMATION Fullfeatured console for control of conventional and moving lights, media servers and LEDs with 40 handson Setup guide Read online or download PDF ETC Congo Kid Setup Guide User Manual Congratulations on your purchase of the ETC Congo Light Server, powered by Cobalt.

The Congo Light Server may be configured to run the Cobalt application as a server, backup, or client in a Cobalt or Congo Family system, powered by Cobalt.

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Radio focus remote. provides an advanced, wireless solution for remote control. Compatible with ETC Congo, Congo jr, Eos, and Ion consoles, this unit provides remote access to frequently used console features such as dimmer and channel checks, as Etc Congo Jr Manual Congo jr Powered by Cobalt Technical Support. tomorrow i need to start firing some cues on an ETC Congo Junior with either MSC or OSC from QLab 3unfortunately the Congo Family user Technical Services Guide to Congo Service Manual When Congo came on the scene at ETC it was a mystery to many longtime ETC customers.

Congo was also a lost mystery to many long time ETC employees. When Congo came on the scene, ETC was a my stery to many customers long steeped in

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