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tm& p, interactive electronic technical manual for field maintenance manual for army model helicopters uh60a, uh60l, eh60a, hh60a, and hh60l including parts information AMCOM EM 0017 of the Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) is recommended. The IETM Concept An IETM is a Technical Manual composed from the start by an author using an automated (computercontrolled) authoring system designed and formatted for luminousscreen display, and which is made interactive so that the user can take full Find government bids and contracts from over 110, 000 government agencies, including US federal, state, cities, counties, and schools.

Integrated with an Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) Scaled for a wide array of users o Organizational, Intermediate, Depot levels of maintenance o Engineering communities o Program Office and Organizational Equipment Managers (OEMs) 2. V22 CAMEO Overview 3 GEDDES PAPERS 2004 74 Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals: Improving the provision of technical information to ADF aerospace maintainers Wing pres\fy93\cals92.

c92 9 Dec 92 DOD INTERACTIVE ELECTRONIC TECHNICAL MANUALS (IETMs) Using the Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) Specifications Developed by the TriService Working An IETM or Interactive Electronic Technical Manual is a portal to manage technical documentation.

IETMs compress volumes of text into just CDROMs or online pages which may include sound and video, and allow readers to locate needed information far more rapidly than in paper manuals. V22 Osprey Maintainability. Maintainers would have all relevant technical manuals easily available via the Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals being developed for the V22. The system Specifically, this modification provides for the Interactive Electronic Technical Manual, technical data quality assurance requirements, and paper technical manuals.

Work will be Interactive electronic technical manuals v22 in Ridley Park, PA (70) and Fort Worth, TX (30) and is expected to be complete in December 2007.

This paper presents a general overview of DoD Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) and opens with a short discussion of the problems leading up to the need for IETMs, the general characteristics of an IETM, and an identification of the TECHNICAL INTERACTIVE ELECTRONIC TECHNICAL MANUALS (IETM) REVIEW CHECKLIST.

The appropriate Project Coordinator andor his designee will review Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) and use the following checklist to This standard establishes the technical content, style, format, and functionality requirements for all interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs) for major weapon systems and their related systems, subsystems, equipment, assemblies, components, shop replaceable units (SRU), and line replaceable units (LRU).

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