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149 thoughts on Affordable manual lenses for the Sony Alpha 7, 7r, 7ii, 7rii and 7s Have you tried the Nikkor lenses?

I have 2 versions of 50mm 1. 8 and a 135mm 2. 8 manual focus. My own test beats a Takumar 55mm f2 and Pentax 50mm 1. 4. You recommend the Canon 24mm F2. 8 the best budget manual lens for landscape so in Mar 04, 2011 Which one of these 135mm manual lenses is the sharpest of the lot?

Auto Focal MC f2. 8 Special Revuenon f2. 8 Auto Rikenon f2. 8 Auto Pentacon MC f2. 8 135mm Lens War It just happened that I collected a whole bunch of manual lens, and plenty of them are135mm somehow. Of course, I have the" serious" lens for doing important shots (the legendary Canon 135 f2 L), but also a whole box of M42 lens, some of them legendary in their own rights, just from a few years back.

Sep 03, 2014 Best of the best manual fast prime lenses 24mm and 135mm? Aug 13, 2014 Today went to a thrift shop and saw a box with old junk in there, some old film cameras were there as well.

Amazon. com: manual lenses for nikon. Gift CertificatesCards International Hot New Releases Best Sellers Today's Deals Sell Your Stuff Search results. 1732 of over 1, 000 corresponds to a 135mm lens on a 35mm camera Nikon built in camera body The best lens all around is going to be the Sigma 135mm f1.

8 Art lens until perhaps Tamron enters the market and finds a way to undercut Sigma. The Milvus is my personal favorite, but it requires May 20, 2011 Twelve 2. 8135mm lenses compared on 5DmkII: : Lenses: : Home: : Manual Focus Lenses Telezenitar is probably best Russian 135mm lens and one of best M42 135mm lenses, it offers very good field sharpness on FF (only lens which can come close to CY Sonar), low CA @f2.

8 and good color rendering. Sep 22, 2014 p. 1# 8 p. 1# 8 Best 135mm manual focus lens on Sony A7r With your budget of 400 finding a 100mm or 135mm f2, 0 lens will be difficult. Try the ZeissContax 135f2, 8 MM. If you have the time to be patient with it, The Nikon 135mm f2 DC is hands down one of the best portrait lenses Ive ever used. Its an incredibly sharp lens.

That, and short of its bigger, heavier, and much more technologically advanced brother, the Nikon 200mm f2, it has the best bokeh of any lens Ive ever used.

The Tele Rokkor PF f2. 8 MCII lens by Minolta feature an 135mm manual focus, an aperture that ranges between f2. 8 and f22, a highend and stylish MCII body design as well as embedded lens hood designed to protect your Mar 19, 2017  Re: Any best 135mm manual lens for A7m2?

In reply to Sunshine7913 Mar 19, 2017 Most 135mm lens is pretty decent to begin with. Sep 25, 2014  p. 2# 7 p. 2# 7 Best 135mm manual focus lens on Sony A7r Thank you very much guys for many suggestions and outstanding sample images. @uhoh7: Thanks for the image of Leica 1353. 4 APO, Soligor 1352, Shop eBay for great deals on Nikon Manual Focus Camera Lenses 135mm Focal.

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