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2 Support for the DS3E3 ATM network module in the 3925, and 3945 will be via the network module adapter card (SMNMADPTR) Advanced Traffic Management Advanced traffic management mechanisms in the DS3E3 ATM network modules architecture allow for the support of bursty, clientserver traffic, while supporting applications that require New Cisco NIM cards for Cisco ISR 4000 Family.

Posted on April 30, Cisco 4451X vs. Cisco 3945E vs. 3925E vs. Cisco 3945 vs. 3925 Router, The Cisco ISR 4000 family hosts the Cisco NIM cards which have evolved from the enhanced highspeed WAN interface card, increasing port density and module capability. Up to three Cisco 3945 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Cisco 3945 Configuration Manual Cisco WAN: : 3945 Router And E3 T3 Network Cards Aug 11, 2011. I just got my first 3945 router and E3T3 Network cards and when I do a sho ver I can see the E3T3 card but when I do a show run all I see are the 3 GE interfaces.

Feb 10, 2018 Re: Cisco DS3 Card Eventhough 3824 supports T3, but what does it refer to in a model comparison chart that 3824 only supports 12 T3 (Services at Line Rate) while 3845 supports T3 (Services at line rate. Cisco WAN: : Circuitspeed WAN Performance 2921 With 1gig Circuit Jul 10, 2012. I have a question regarding Circuitspeed WAN performance. I purchased a 1Gbps Internet Link and want to know what my max through put would be on that router.

Jul 17, 2008 Re: Cisco Router and DS3 connection Yes, as others have stated there are various different DS3 cards. There are channelized vs clearchannel vs ATM, but those are the ones with an internal CSUDSU. Note: Support for the NM1T3E3 network module in the 3925, 3925E and 3945, and 3945E will be via the network module adapter card (SMNMADPTR). Figure 2. Typical Cisco T3E3 Network Module Deployments Router Installation and Configuration ManualConfiguring an ATM Interface Router Installation and Configuration ManualConfiguring a Synchronous Serial WAN Interface and in Chapter 31 Router Installation and Configuration Manual In most cases, your line provider will provide a clock source for the ATM circuit.

The ATM DS3E3 card Cisco MEMCF4GB Flash memory card 4 GB CompactFlash for Ds3 card cisco 3945 manual 1921 4pair, 1921 ADSL2, 1921 T1, 19XX, 29XX, 3945 ES24, 39XX by Cisco Systems 73. 63 I just had a circuit set up through a 3rd party so that I have a dedicated DS3 between two of my offices. On one end I have a 3845 and on the other I have a 2651XM, both with ATM DS3 cards in them. DS3 PTP Cisco 3945 Routers: Qty 2 Nos. Configuration: S. No Product Description Qty Optional Cards 1a HWIC1CE1T1PRI 1 port channelized T1E1 and PRI HWIC (data only) 2 Title: RFP for Procurement of Ds3 Link and Can Cisco 3945 ISR support DS3 voice IP Telephony Cisco Technical Support Forum 5961 Cisco 3945 ISR comes with NM1T3E3, is this the same voice DS3(T3) and can it used for above mentioned requirement.

You need an AS5xxx to support a voice DS3. The ISRs do not have any DS3 cards which support voice and

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