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The control panel is a Blue Haven SmartControl Automation. On the door it says Aqua Logic Automation and Chlorination. The cell is a Blue Haven SmartPure Sanitizer II. First you should inspect the cord for wear, cuts and to see that it is firmly plugged in and no corrosion on the plug itself. What Jun 10, 2012 Does anyone know where to locate the owner's manual for this pump?

We had a house fire and while the pool and pump were OK, we are left with no manual. The local BH office closed and currently, my husband is out of the country. I need to get a refresher on the pump. Also, what about info on the salt cell? It's a SmartPure Sanitizer II and it says" Smart pure sanitizer ii manual off No cell power" as well as Step 1. Before Smart pure sanitizer ii manual, test the water with salt water test strips to determine the correct salt level.

If the results from your test strip are not the same as the Aqua Rite, proceed to step 2. SmartPure Salt Sanitizer Chlorinator.

Learn More. Creates a saltwater with onsite chlorine production without buying traditional chemical. SmartPure Mineral Flow. Learn More. Uses controlledrelease delivery to help disinfect water, prevent algae growth, and maintain water balance.

The SmartPure Sanitizer II 2040 replacement cell will also replace TCell15 Aqua Rite 20, 000 40, 000 Gallon, Aqua Rite XL, Aqua Plus and Aqua Logic models to keep generating fresh, pure chlorine to meet your pools sanitization needs. Sep 26, 2012 Re: Blue Haven Smartpure Sanitizer inspect celllow salt lig My strip test says the slat is 3300ppm, but the panel reading is 2. 1, and the inspect cell and low salt lights on. There is another thread talk about the similar situation, it doesn't talk how they fix it either.

Delivers automatic sanitizer levels to keep water perfectly clear& blue. View All Products. Manuals. To view these documents, you will need to download the free Acrobat Reader, which gives you instant access to PDF files. Please note: The majority of our literature and brochures are in English only.

SMART POOL CONTROL. Home Top Downloads Latest Additions Forum Contact Fyxm. net A Free Download Portal Programs Online FYXM Webmonitor disclaimer: All data that are presented on I have a SmartPure Sanitizer 2 chlorinator for a salt system pool. It is reading the salt level about 1000ppm lower Answered by a verified Pool and Spa Expert Home SmartFeatures SmartPure Salt Sanitizer.

Saltwater PoolsAutomatic chlorination. Produce your own chlorine instead of buying the tablet, liquid, or powder form. Depending on the materials and accessories used in your pool, a salt chlorinator may be appropriate for water sanitation. 1 ChlorEase Manual Version 2. 2 INSTRUCTION MANUAL sanitizer to your pool again. The only way that salt is lost from the pool is through backwashing, splash out or drainage.

(NaCL) that is 99 pure. This is commonly available at most reputable pool stores or home centers in a variety of sizes. Do NOT use rock salt, salt with more than 1 Apr 02, 2013 Prior to buying the home, the Blue Haven Smartpure Sanitizer Serial# A was reading" Hi" salt and the generating light was not on. We had the previous owners address the problem, and they said they had the pool drained 13 and added water. Residential Systems.

for the greater of: (i) 90 days from the date of installation, or (ii) the balance of the original fiveyear warranty period on the part replaced. Failed not in accordance with the Owners Manual, failure to follow all safety instructions or precautions, Mar 25, 2009 Chlorinator off No flow message. Post by Stressed but Happy, CA I have a Goldline PS4 control and the smart pure sanitizer II.

They are all Hayward products. Temperature is between 38 F @ night and 5060 during the day. I am afraid the pool will turn green and the sanitizer get damaged for trying to run in this condition. Thank you If your controller is 2007 or prior, the new TCell 3 and TCell 9 replacements will not work for your model without a new control board with the software update for controllers 2008 and newer.

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