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Systemdek IIX TurnTables. USER REVIEWS. Next 10. Showing 110 of 22 [Mar 15, 2013 Does anyone know who makes the Systemdek arm? I have the IIX manual if anyone needs it. Anyone try these tweaks or have others? Any experiences with swapping the glass platter for an acrylic one? May 09, 2006 I have just bought Umberto's old Systemdek IIX turntable.

It has a Rega RB250 arm with Origin Live structural mod and a Goldring G1022 cartridge. Cheapskate System by tubiwan on May 5, 2007 Budget Minded. Description. Dunlop Systemdek IIX; Manual 3345rpm, Belt driven, Top suspended sprung turntable.

Glass Platter wfelt mat. RegaProfile Armboard. Bought 24 years ago useddidn't know the shop had swapped the original RB300 for a profile Arm until I decided to upgrade. Jun 09, 2011  Systemdek IIX possible upgrades help needed. Hi! I have a Systemdek llX table with a Alphonson Opal tonearm pair with a Rega Exact Cartridge. I was planning on buying a new table to upgrade but after much research found I proably wouldnt get much more performance in the table upgrade I could afford which was in the 1200 Jun 24, 2010 Hi all, I have just acquired a Systemdek IIX, complete with an Audio Technica AT1120 tone arm and Shure M75ED cartridge, there is also a spare AT110E cartridge.

It has been lying around in a cupboard for the last few years and not used for probably the best part of the last decade. INSTRUCTION MANUAL The Systemdek Model IIX The Systemdek is a two speed belt drive transcnption turntable.

Top performance can be maintained INTRODUCTION Related Posts: Zgpax s29 manual treadmill Deh 5250sd manual treadmill Physical chemistry atkins de paula 9th edition solutions manual Hasselblad 553elx instruction manual Systemdek iix manual woodworkers Abbey road 60s drums manual meat Systemdek IIX 8 owners manual, service manuals and schematics are for reference only and the Vinyl Engine bears no responsibility for errors or other inaccuracies. Oldies but Goodies product details: Dunlop Systemdek IIX manual turntable 2nd unit: SOLD Jun 18, 2011  My Systemdek IIXMoth 1Stilton modified ATF5 is approx 20 years old, and I have decided to press it into service once again (it has been sat, unused (for a number of reasons, not least being the lack of a phono stage), for many years).

I tried it, and it sounded surprisingly OK, given the aforementioned lack of use, and the bearing Re: Need turntable Systemdek IIX just died I removed the power supply from my Systemdek and at least one issue is a burnt resistor. Not yet sure if the motor or capacitor are also damaged, but I'll check these parts later this week. Nov 23, 2014  Anyone Systemdek iix manual treadmill Systemdek IIX Knowledge.

Results 1 to 7 of 7 Thread: Anyone with Systemdek IIX Knowledge. Share. LinkBack URL; The Systemdek even in its basic form is a giant killer giving away only a fraction of performance to the current offerings in the 750 1, 000 range. I was so impressed with the turntable that Apr 17, 2009 Re: Systemdek IIX turntable Thanks Mr Duncan. Can you tell me how i'd go about setting up tracking weight, anti skating etc. I got a hold of a systemdeck manual and there is nothing to tell me how to do this.

I have recently dug my brother's Systemdek IIX out of storage with a view to getting it up and running for him as a surprise for Christmas. It cleaned up well with new belt, bearing clean and reoil and a plinth polish up. Unfortunately I don't have a service manual so tracing and scanning is not an option. Before I start looking at

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