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Dec 19, 2013  Best Answer: There should be a knob on the back or maybe a port for a screw driver used to adjust the needle on the front face to set the barometer to the pressure.

You can use the barometric pressure to the value given by your local TV news station, the weather channel, or nearby airport. The precise value of barometric Schatz barometers are used to determine the air pressure, whether you are out sailing or simply walking around your house. The typical Schatz is an aneroid model, meaning it uses a bellows and spring to function, rather than a mercury tube like other barometers.

Jan 20, 2011 i have a schatz royal mariner barometer, that was working great until a little kid, open the cover and flicked the needle with his finger breaking the small wire that goes to the mechanism. i have done a web search for schatz with no luck. Product Manual SHIPS BEll clock and BaroMEtEr A Chelsea clock is an exquisite time machine. Each is a work of art handcrafted by elite master clockmakers. A barometer is a simple instrument for determining the pressure generated by the weight of the atmosphere.

It can be used both for assisting in forecasting weather and for determining altitude. You can make your own weather predictions by following changes in barometic pressure.

Barometer with visible work SCHATZ MIDI Barometer from the series SCHATZ MIDI. more Quartz clock SCHATZ MIDI Arabic dial Quartz clock from the series SCHATZ MIDI more PRAKTISCHE ZIERKNOTEN by Stuart Grainger more Schatz Brass Ship's Barometer Appears to be working but not guaranteed Very Good Condition: Previously used on a ship so brass has appropriate amounts of patina, glass looks clear with only ve Schatz Maritime brass 8 day clock and barometer excellent condition.

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Instructions for the Use and Care of Chelsea Shipstrike and Nautical Barometers. Your barometer is an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure, or the weight of A Schatz German ships royal mariner barometer and thermometer.

The round piece has a brass body and glass port with a hinged twist lock door. The upper barometer is measured in millibars (metric units of pressure) and millimetres (mercury units of German Schatz compensated precision barometer with both Celsius and Fahrenheit thermometers, and a Schatz Royal Mariner clock with 8 bell indicator. The brasscased barometer and clock are mounted on a wood board with rounded corners.

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