Zen-tinel school bus camera system manuals

High Definition School Bus Camera System that records video onboard and catch stoparm violators with up to 16 cameras. School Bus Video Systems Gaining Acceptance Ansonia, Conn.

is the latest school system to install camera equipment on buses to catch motorists who disregard busmounted stop signs. Aug 15, 2013 The new model of Matco bus camera provides easy installation (30 minutes), simply configuration (builtcamera with DVR), 160G HD storage space holds for Zen-tinel school bus camera system manuals 3 month video, it has Viewtrue player to view and backup videos, it has builtin heatercooling control, Plus it has GPS Zonar interface builtin. the whole system only cost 600.

The stoparm camera can be easily installed on any bus. It's a portable, indisputable and unbiased witness to drivers passing a stopped school bus. There's no better way to stop tomorrow's violations than to create awareness about the problem today. School Bus Camera System that records video onboard with up to 4 cameras. School Bus Video Systems: www. zentinel Images and information about School Bus Video Systems, to help you decide which school bus security system is best for your business.

If you already have a School Bus Camera System, you will know how important it is to make sure you keep your customers and employees both safe and happy. We've partnered with Follow Your Bus fundraiser to help get free Live GPS for school buses, plus extra cash for other school projects or Mobile Video Surveillance products such as StopArm Cameras and Bus Announcement Systems.

School bus camera systems capture video and audio of exactly whats happening on the bus and let school bus drivers keep their eyes on the road. Camera systems range from 24, and 8 cameras, to highdefinition and stoparm solutions.

Seon is the World's# 1 supplier of mobile surveillance equipment for the bus and coach industry. Seon manufactures worldclass video surveillance systems for school bus and public transit, helping transportation managers capture, record, view, and wirelessly download onboard security footage, quickly and reliably.

The SCHOOL BUS is every child's safe place. Parents rely on this service to take their children safely to school everyday. Without the hard work of the drivers, parents and the support of the community, school buses wouldnt have the kind of safety aura they do today.

INDIANA, Pa. Zentinel, a manufacturer and distributor of mobile surveillance systems, has developed a new stoparm camera to identify drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses. The cameras installed on the outside of buses automatically record any vehicle passing the bus Zentinel provides mobile surveillance products for vehicle fleets such as StopArm Cameras, Bus Announcement Systems and GPS to increase commercial and student transportation safety. History Established in 2003.

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