Topcon auto refractometer manual

Auto Refractometer RM8800 Color liquid crystal display screen Measurement results and setting information are displayed on an easytoview color screen. cleaning of the TOPCON Auto KeratoRefractometer KR1. To get the best use of the instrument, read Safety Displays and Safety Cautions.

Keep this Manual at hand for future reference. KR800A, objective, refractometer, keratometer, Auto refractometer, Auto keratometer, Topcon, 8, 5 touchscreen, smooth operation, rotary prism, accurate, cornea. Auto KeratoRefractometer KR800A. Feature Spec Brochure. Manual alignment may be required for patinets with poor fixation.

Unparalleled Accuracy. The unique Rotary Prism Technology, exclusive to Topcon, allows for unparalleled precision and reliability. This system measures a wider area of the retina while permitting measurements Whats included.

Used Topcon KR 8800 Autorefractor Keratometer; Power Cable; Instruction Manual; Used Topcon KR 8800 Specifications.

Topcon auto refractometer manual used Topcon KR8800 Auto Refractor is loaded with new features with proven consistent and accurate results. The KR1 is a revolutionary auto Kerato Refractometer. The tiltable and rotatable touch screen will change the Automatic alignment at corneal apex Manual alignment for focus Start Manual alignment for focus Contact Topcon subsidiaries or dealers for system configuration.

IMAGEnet ibase HOME Eye Care Products Product Refraction Auto Refracto Keratometer Auto KeratoRefractometer Auto Refractometer KR800RM800 Eye Care Japanese Eye Care AUTO KERATOREFRACTOMETER. Topcon, the leader in the eyecare field, an autorefractometer, autokeratometer and even a mapping function in a single compact designed instrument. Auto Alignment Auto Start Manual In order to obtain the best results with this instrument, INSTRUCTION MANUAL AUTO REFRACTOMETER RM8800 AUTO KERATOREFRACTOMETER KR8800 K R AUTO KERATOREFRACTOMETER.

88 0 0. 1 INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the Auto Refractometer RM8800, Auto KeratoRefractometer KR8800. TOPCON shall not take any responsibility for damage due to re, earthquakes, actions by purpose of this manual This User Manual provides an overview of the basic operation, troubleshooting, checking, maintenance and cleaning of the TOPCON Auto Refractometer RM800, Auto Kerato Auto KeratoRefractometer KR8100PA By installing a 3D auto alignment function, measurement can be made easily even by an unskillful operator.

Rotary prism unique to TOPCON is mounted allowing highaccuracy measurement and measurement of small pupils 2. 0mm in diameter. KR1 Auto KeratoRefractometer; The KR1 Auto KeratoRefractometer features fully automated operation with an easytouse color touch screen, a 360 degree rotatable monitor, and a flexible layout and space saving design. The Rotary Prism measuring system ensures fast, accurate, and repeatable refraction and keratometry measurements.

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