Amplitube 3 stealth pedal manual

Page 1. USB Audio InterfaceMIDI Controller Modeling Software User Manual Page 3. StealthPedal P L E A S E N O T E StealthPedal and AmpliTube are trademarks or registered trademarks AmpliTube 4 Deluxe includes 5 new classic amplifier models that represent some of the best British tones from the 70s, 80s and 90s plus an Acoustic Sim model pedal, a double mic setup and UltraTuner, the most precise digital tuner available.

Speaking of money riffs, StealthPedal CS comes with AmpliTube Custom Shop, the leading amp and software modeling package with 24 pieces of gear including: a digital chromatic tuner, 9 stomps, 4 amps, 5 cabs, 3 mics, and 2 rack effects. Apr 24, 2010 The IK Multimedia StealthPedal is a combination of a high quality USB Audio Interface and rugged Wah Style MIDI Controller pedal capable of controlling multiple parameters in Amplitube or your DAW 2.

3 16 3. 4 32 Chapter 4 Technical Specifications 37. 4 II StealthPedal and AmpliTube are trademarks or registered trademarks property of IK Multimedia Production.

3. 4 Connecting External Expression Pedal and Double Footswitch 34 StealthPedal User Manual Installation Manual of included software products Limited Warranty Envelope Amplitube 3 A massive upgrade of IK Multimedia's popular guitar and bass tone gear modeling software, AmpliTube 3 provides even more sound variety, realism, and creative power than earlier versions.

If your recording or playing" rig" is lacking in that rich, lush expressive analog warmth, then you need to check it out. Stealth Pedal. So I have done reviews on Amplitube 2, Amplitube Metal, Amplitube Fender and Ampeg SVX. Well these amazing tools all came with the Stealth Pedal I just got.

That is a intro to how awesome of a studio tool the Stealth Pedal is! It is a USB pedal interface for guitar or bass. IK Multimedia SPPDLUSBIN Stealth Pedal I use it along with the boss dual footswitches and Amplitube 3 and added the Hendrix Suite to the setup. The dynamics are awesome!

! ! the models have waaaay more punch than My guitar rig 5, ALTHOUGH, you have to do some serious tweaking to lower the background noise floorOther than that, the pedal Nov 05, 2015 I too am having issues with Stealth Pedal in Amplitube 4. I've already sent my request to Support and am awaiting a response. I've also noticed that in Amplitube 4, under MIDI section, you can only select" Stealth Pedal" or" iRig Blueboard"and not" All" like you could in Amplitube 3.

User manual; AmpliTube 5 STOMP effects User Manual. Summary of Contents for AmpliTube 5 STOMP effects. Page 3. WahWah The first stomp box in AmpliTube is the wah pedal (fig. 19). It carefully recreates that typical midrangey funky sweep of the best vinta ge units.

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