Range guard 2.5g manual

RANGE GUARD COMMERCIAL COOKING FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM RG 1. 25G RG 2. 5G RG4GM RG6G. 55 Universal Control Head Heat Detector Fenwall A Control Box Combination Remote Manual Release Model DetectAFire 12G 450F (232C) uniquefire catalog chapter 9 Distributors for: Range Guard Wet Chemical System fire suppression using automatic andor manual operation modes; Custom fit Range Guard systems are designed to easily fit in any kitchen layout; System updates use existing hardware All Range Guard systems are designed, installed and serviced by a national network of Range Guard Kitchen Fire Suppression System Services in MD, DC& VA No matter what efforts you take to make your restaurant safe from fire, theres always a chance a blaze could break out.

This is simply the nature of commercial kitchens, what with their high cooking temperatures, flammable oils, and hectic environment. Manual Releases Range Guard. Nozzles and Related Equipment. ElectricalMicro Switches and Related Equipment. Link Housing Bracket Kit. RG. Range Guard RG2. 5G, 2. 6 Gallon Cylinder Assembly. Add To Cart. Home System Components Range Guard. Product filters Agent Cylinders& Tanks. 1. 25 GAL (1) 2. 5 GAL (1) 4 GAL (3) 6 GAL (1) SHOW ALL (6) Brackets& Enclosures.

Cylinder Brackets (8) Maintenance Manuals (1) SHOW ALL (1) System Tools. Lock Pins& Cocking Tools (1) Tech Tools (1) Hydrotest Adaptors (1) Label Kits (2) Accessories DOT 4BW4BA CylinderCharged with 2 5 Gallons of Karbaloy Wet Chemical AgentPressurized with Nitrogen to 175 psiMaximum Flow Number 89 Installation Manual (old Range Guard, Spiral bound) 32. 00: ! Owners Manual: 9. 50. RG2. 5G KIT INCLUDES: 517. 00: 1 RG2. 5; 212 Gallon Charged Cylinder wvalve: 1 212 Gallon Wall Bracket: 1 Discharge.

appropriate recall notices and servicing manual(s), the proper types of tools, and manufacturers recommended replacement parts or parts specifically listed for such use. Only systems that are tested and listed to UL 300 Range Guard systems guard against facility damage, potential injury of personnel and patrons and lost profits due to business interruption.

Range Guard systems assure quick fire detection and suppression, 24hour, continual fire protection, superior wet chemical coverage that quickly suppresses fires and prevents reflash and quick clean up.

A: Indeed yes the Range Guard Wet Chemical System Kit RG2. 5G Kit Wet chemical system holds a ul and ulc listing as a pre engineered system. Please feel free to review the manufacturer's statement regarding this at the link Range guard 2.5g manual seen here: Range Guard RG2. 5G Fire Extinguisher Cylinder with Valve 8 Flow, 2 12 Gallon: Manufacturer: Range Guard: The UL and ULC Statement from Range Guard manual can be seen here: Download File.

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